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U.H. #3 Pretalk Planning


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Alright, so from now on, if you want to play, SIGN UP HERE. What I mean is you need to put down your skype or some way to contact you.




Lessons learned from this round:

- Tell your teammates of the layout of your home.

- Make sure teammates ACTUALLY know what is going on, i.e. friendly fire.

- Effing spiders.

- Caving alone with 2 health is NOT a good idea, let alone surviving an additional 30+ minutes after your entire team is wiped out.






A proposition: These games are about hardcore survival, meaning your ability to adapt to situations.


What I propose is every single person has a number with the exception of the three team leaders i.e. the people that can record. A random number generator will be used in order select the team members.


This is not an issue about fairness, this is not a issue about "this team is op", but an issue of adaptation. You will have to adapt to people you aren't usually playing with and create better teamwork within your newly created group.


If you intentionally team kill you are a bad team member and probably not good at adapting to the situation, since you will instantly be at a disadvantage, unless you think you can take all your opponents on by yourself, in which if you do and succeed, you entire team wins anyway. If your team is "too slow" for you, take charge and tell them what to do and what not to do or slow down for them. If your team is "too fast" for you, they should slow down so you can catch up. If we do team games, it is about TEAM SURVIVAL, not solo "EFF MY TEAM, I'M BETTER" or "I WORK BETTER WITH THE OTHER GUISE".


Either way, if you guise really want to keep the same teams, sure, we can do that too. After all Jman2345678 will either team kill or abandon no matter what. Keep everyone happy, eh?


The left over people will become "hunters" the people without a team.





It has been decided that disguising will not be allowed for the hunters.


On the other hand, hunters will start out with the following:

- Full iron armor

- 1 iron sword

- 1 iron pickaxe

- 2 Golden apples

- 8 pieces of paper

- 1 bow

- 32 arrows

- 1 clock

- 1 tamed wolf

- 1 tamed cat

- 5 steaks

- 1 bucket

- 1 TNT

- 32 redstone


If anyone thinks this is too much, just say.




No prizes, since competition brings out the worst in people.

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I think it would be cool to have the 30 minute nether rush challenge before the actual game.


Basically, we get the hardcore server set up (lol Lief/Zoa) have everyone on a team, and try to kill a Ghast in under 30 minutes. This would be really hard and I expect a crapton of people to die in the nether XD.


You guise think it would be cool?


PS Edited original post: Keep your teams, I mean why not. Zoa mad bro.


Bonus Question:

Why is the cap limit now 9? Why don't we have a larger number, so we can actually get more players?

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imma see, if i can find the time to join this one :)

And i would love to keep the teams, not just because we won, but because I've talked alot with jman and wabuf, and we have some great community going on, when we're playing.

And I hope we star at the right time this time because it got pretty late for me last time :P

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We're going to aim for around 6 PM EDT -4 (23:00 CET +1).

I do agree, we played a perfect match because we all listened to each other and executed well as a team; Even though all the small things such as gathering resources, we did separately. As far as the accusations of our team being "stacked" .. there is no such situation. In the beginning, no one wanted Jman except me--so I took him! And we won .. a lot! Then I added Jonas as our U.H. virgin. I didn't 'Lock' you in either. If someone would have asked that you be on their team and switch me players, I would have done so without question. However, we're an established team now! ;D

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So, uh, there are rumors that I am event manager?


Does that mean I plan the things?


o 3o


I'm a bit confused by the "we're a established team now!" We are keeping teams?


Personally I don't believe in teams, I prefer completely random teams every time. This was my preference since the first game.




I need your contact info ASAP, otherwise we will have a repeat of last time.

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There was no stacking.

Here's the logic:

[*:28trwyu3]Zoa accuses us of being "stacked"

[*:28trwyu3]Zoa had Mythil on his team exactly like last time

[*:28trwyu3]I had Jman on my team exactly like last time

[*:28trwyu3]Zoa had an additional player who HAS PLAYED this before: Daikon260

[*:28trwyu3]I chose a player who HAS NEVER PLAYED this before: JonasgroossLogically, the person calling my team "stacked" is more in violation of his made-up regulation.

Let me lay this out visually:
Team Awesome:      Team Bieber:
 3 Wabuf            3 Zoa
 3 Jman             3 Mythil
 0 Jonas            2 Daikon
 -------            -------
 6 Total            8 Total

#s = U.H. Matches Played
Higher Total = MORE "STACKED"
Let's hope this straight-forward logic ends these accusations. We played a
match... that's all.
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Uh, that still doesn't answer my question whether or not I am event coordinator.


I don't believe that the teams were necessary "stacked", but I do believe that randomized teams are better. The game is about adapting, so if you don't adapt to your new team, then you lose.


I will say that our teams, Wabuf and Zoas, were unbelievably stacked in comparison to Lief's team. Lief has not played any official hardcore matches, Rhino was thrown in at random, and Umbacano also had not played any matches. Their total would be 0 while ours is 6 and 4 or whatever.


I would say that there were complaint this round, not because we died early, but its because Wabuf and Jman2345678 acted like their team was superior and everyone else was crap. Jman will not let up that the game is all about "skill". That isn't true. The entire game is based around luck and adaptability and the hand that you were dealt. In my case, I lag, have 20 fps for most of each game, and can't listen to game sounds since I'm using a skype on another computer. But I still play. If I died, well eff I don't care, I expect to die. Lief had a problem too, the communication lines for him were really hard to deal with, but he pressed on until he couldn't take it anymore. My props to his entire team for doing so well.


But to attribute the entire game to skill and that the other teams had none is complete and utter bullcrap.


Wabuf also had the attitude of everyone else sucked in comparison, which may be true, but you don't need to continuously rub it in everyone elses faces. That's why people complained that the teams were stacked. When our team lost, we didn't really care much, just "oh well". It was afterward when talking to you guise laughing at us for doing poorly which pissed some people off.

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This antagonizing attitude we display is playful; for sport. We mean no harm by it. It attempts to provoke the other teams to take wild stabs at us and to try new things--attempt to take us by surprise. If anything, it puts a huge target on our backs. A kill on any of us would mean certain bragging rights and we know this.


I would like to argue that this is in fact, skill. Even when put with a new player, we worked as a team and got critical messages across the language barrier. Is teamwork not a skill, at any capacity or arrangement? After all, it's the skill of the individual which makes effective teamwork possible.


I don't buy 'Luck', and I'm Irish! Luck is only a sore excuse for succeeding or failing.

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Still does not answer the question of whether or not I'm the event coordinator.


Liefs group was stacked against yes?


You do realize your "playful jabs" just creates a lot of bad blood? I do believe its also called "being a dick about it". I don't know about how white people culture is, but just from this competition, I can tell why white people are so competitive in sports and all, and be complete dicks in the soccer world.


Teamwork is skill yes, and working with people you don't like is doublely so. Being asian, for the swarm is the method of life. That's why I like the random teams, it forces you in a new position in which you will have to conform. Unfortunately, Jman openly admitted to me that he will kill his team if he is not with Wabuf or Jonas. Which, by all means, is retarded. Teamwork in total is skill, but selective teamwork is not. A good analogy to this is America is allied to Britain and France in WWII, but americans dislike the french so they just kill them all.


If you want to keep your teams, that is fine. i am okay with this. Just be notified that some people will not like these arrangements.


Jman suggested we have no rewards because competition just brings the worst out in people. I am okay with this.


I play a crapton of card games and do card magic on a regular basis. I can tell you there is such thing as luck. If you can prove that getting a full house or a royal flush without cheating is skill, please do. If you can prove that you can get snake eyes consistantly with dice rolls from a cup, please do. If you can prove to get heads all the time in a coin flip flipped by a random person on the street, please do. If you can prove that you get to diamonds before everyone else does without hax, please do.


On the other hand, we I do think we need a single player game, then a team game.

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In the beginning, no one wanted Jman except me--so I took him!

I wanted Jman. Q _ Q


I do think that my team was a bit uneven, but that's okay. We did out best and there's nothing I can do about that. However I did have to leave the match before getting a change at Team Awesome for a few reasons. I was on our home computer for WAY too long, I had a date and I was getting tired of trying to find you guys.


Smaller map sizes for teams perhaps?


Anywho, let's stop all this backstabbing and accusing. I don't like it. D:


It was an odd match, yes, but there's always next weeek.


Which brings in my opinion~ Yay!


For next week I think we should do either a free-for-all with everyone or a kind of objective game. Then go into the teams, which I think should be a bit more random. (Also, if I'm filming does that mean I can't be on Wabuf's or Zoa's team? D:)


Not to mention, because I'm awesome, I'm making everyone a medal for participating. Yay~

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1) If you can prove that getting a full house or a royal flush without cheating is skill, please do.


2) If you can prove that you get to diamonds before everyone else does without hax, please do.

1) It's probability, not luck. It's random. I made no reference to probability; Just luck and the lack thereof.


2) We has video evidence... ;P

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Still have not answered my question whether or not I'm event manager.


Still have not answered my question about whether or not the teams were "stacked" against Liefs.


It is based off probability yes, and "luck" is getting quite a few good hands, when the probability of getting such a thing is low.


The probability of a spider spawning above your head is low, but can happen and can kill you. The probability of digging downwards and finding diamonds immediately is low, but it is possible. My question is if it is skill whether for you to find diamonds the fastest, not if you can find them the fastest.


"Luck" is basically the probability of something happening that is in rare occurance, which in these cases, you are "lucky".

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What do we want to do next time?




For the team game:

Same teams? Random teams? We vote on this.


I vote random teams!


Random: 4 (Mythil, Liefdevolle, Umbacano, Zoathewind)

Same: 1 (Jonasgrooss)





We definitely need a single player game, because that is the true ULTRA HARDCORE.


i say we do this game first, then teams later.


If you guise are interested I have come up with some random things to make single player games go a bit faster and more action oriented.

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