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Mythil, Zoa, Jman, Wabuf, Daikon, Jonasgrooss, Rhino, Liefdevolle, Coaster, Umbacano





Mythil - Zoa - Daikon

Jman - Wabuf - Jonasgrooss

Liefdevolle - Umbacano - Rhino




First Game: 1 hour 56 minutes 38 seconds


In order of deaths:


- Zoa was killed by Daikon. A skeleton dropped in to say hello, and in the fight, Daikon took her chance and stabbed Zoa in the back, rigging the event.


- Daikon was killed by a spider. After wandering outside, 5 spiders jumped off from the trees and kill Daikon.


- Mythil was killed by a zombie. Mythil dug into a cave and was promptly killed by a zombie.


- Liefdevolle committed suicide abandoning Agentrhino007 and Umbacano47


- AgentRhino committed suicide abandoning Umbacano47.


- Umbacano47 was shot with an arrow by Wabuf after a stake out beneath the sky-fortress (final kill).




Notable Achievements:


Mythil - Zoa - Daikon

Mythil managed to get almost full iron armor, a bow, a stack of arrows, a stack and a half of redstone, all while on 2 hearts and the rest of his team dead.


Wabuf - Jman - Jonas

Communicated well despite this being Jonas' first UH match. Attained full iron armor, diamond swords and bows all around. Stacks of iron and gold. 4 golden apples. Around 2 stacks of arrows. Built a sky-fortress and summoned players. The team as a whole fought a perfect match (no loss of health).


Lief - Agent - Umbacano

Umbacano47 was the most brave of all players in this match. Despite loosing his team leader early on and his remaining partner committing suicide, he pressed on and answered the call to confront Wabuf, Jman and Jonas at their sky-fortress. Any prizes go to Umbacano47 for his independent heroism.

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