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ULTRA HARDCORE and other games!


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In this thread we post what games we could play on Saturdays in which we don't want to do ULTRA HARDCORE, except most of these games are basically ULTRA HARDCORE.



Super Hostile Maps

http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/191 ... le-series/


I have always wanted to play these with a group, since it is some of the coolest multiplayer maps around. These play like Ultra Hardcore since in some cases, if you die, /ban essentially.




Minecraft DOTA

http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/116 ... raft-dota/


Cool stuff, especially to those who play LoL or Dota before.




Airplane Mods

http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/182 ... y-awesome/


Because airplanes





ULTRA HARDCORE Modifications

Several different methods to enhance the ULTRA HARDCORE experience.


SDK's Gun Mod

http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/867 ... ermp-only/


This would be awesome. Especially getting picked off by Wabuf's sniper rifle from 500 blocks away lol

Objectives Based

This is something I was thinking about. Basically, there are added objectives to the main ULTRA HARDCORE to force players to walk around more.


Basically, there are 3 categories: Crafting, Gathering, and PvP requirements to win.

Before each game, one objective from each category is chosen using a dice or a random generator.


For crafting:

- Bookshelf

- Diamond Hoe

- Clock

- Lapis block

- Redstone Repeater

- Essentially rare recipes that are difficult to some degree


For gathering:

- Bucket of water

- Pumpkin

- 3 types of wood

- 3 types of saplings

- 2 different flowers

- 2 different mushrooms

- Cactus

- Basically, (relatively) simple overworld collections tha twill force players to wander the overworld


For PvP:

- Kill one player

- Kill 2 other players

- Kill one player with a bow

- Kill two players with a bow

- Kill one player passively (i.e. pushing off cliff, fire, cactus, suffocation, etc

- Kill two players passively


And to win, you have to complete these objectives and show up at the coordinates x:0, z:0

Of course if you are the last player, you default win, so you can go the route of killing everyone lol.




If anyone has any ideas, just say them, I'll add them to the list. o 3o

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I like the methods for Ultra Hardcore enhancement! Seems like it would really change the game to have specific goals based around how quickly you can acquire and manufacture your items. Forces people to be efficient in what they collect.

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Hopefully this can speed up the games too.


I guess this can be geared toward single-player or team, but if team, the objectives should be changed into harder things, like stuff that involves the nether.


Like gather glowstone, craft brewing stand.

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This might be a good game we could play other than ultra hardcore. I've had the chance to look around this map on a friends server there are hidden chests with useful items you can use to kill your opponents and will give you resources such as coal to cook food you are not supposed to break any blocks so you only use the chests to obtain objects there is also a building for the "host" it contains the lever to start the games and a chest with potions, enchanted sword etc for them to put in the chests in the middle every so often so it helps draw people to one area. This is supposed to be like the hunger games there are "pods" that competitors stand in an the host countsdown an pulls the lever in the building which lifts the player up and starts the game and competitors an either go for the chests in the middle with useful items but by doing so you will be risking early death or you could try to get away from other competitors and search for cover and hidden chests.. So here's the link http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/ ... val-games/

EDIT: Oh yeah and if it's not obvious it's basically a free for all but alliances can be formed but only one winner can remain so people have to WATCH THEIR BACKS! Also this was only a brief description the rules are provided at the link ^.^

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LOL, I posted that a few weeks ago, but yeah, I do like the idea.


Unfortunately, the reason we didn't go with that idea was that the element of Minecraft itself was discarded. The reason why we liked ULTRA HARDCORE was that you had to mine stuff and basically play minecraft. The survival games is mostly just PvP.

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Yeah it's actually a Really good concept and it's good for whenever you wanna just waste some time but I understand what you mean about it eliminating main elements of minecraft it would be better if the rules stated we could break blocks :/ Really I think it's best for passing time and it's fun from a PvP standpoint but it's eliminated major components of minecraft :(

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Passing timewise, I would rather play the DOTA Minecraft, which is almost like Survival Games, except with more killing and more teamwork necessary. XD


But yeah, if other people want to do it, we can do Survival Games. The backstabbing aspect is nice. o 3o

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