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What would you like to see come to The Chunk Republic?


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I think the Terraria and Battlefield 3 servers would be pretty awesome.


But I have Battlefield 3 on Xbox and all the servers are taken. FFS. Just recently got L4D2 and TF2 too.




As for things concerning Minecraft, I think that a more enclosed spawn would be nice. With the new flow of players coming through and not reading the signs it gets a little annoying. I also hate the spawns that make you go through a GIANT maze just to read everything..


Something in between?

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Wow, I just downloaded it and ran SP... pretty crazy amount of new stuff. Like, 10 new ores, 20 new tools like handsaws and screwdrivers, interesting little electrical boxes and all sizes of blocks/columns. Kind of overwhelming, but really cool.

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Yeah, its AMAZING. Especially since the mining and stuff is relatively easy to do after you get the initial materials. I think the best part of it is the mechanics, basically huge machines running everywhere and autocrafting everything.


Like industry. o 3o Just might be my Chinese sweatshop happy time to see assembly lines and energy and all that.


We were playing it on Jman's server if you want to join sometime.

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I love the idea of Tekkit except I have 1 problem. Tekkit gives loads of powers to player including the ability to spawn items.(I'm assuming this will be on another server because this needs to be 24/7) So since the players have so much power I don't seem comfortable allowing just anyone to join the server and destroy our machines. Members should at least have 1 month of Chunk Republic experience and "trusted" by mods/admins.


However the beauty of this game is in the fun of building new things, without spawning items. (spawning items without permission should be a temp ban or something 30 minutes the most) one of the reasons this is so great because you guessed it's Vanilla! I love games where there is actually intense competition to have a better industry but team work at the same time.


This is however THE BEST MOD! I've ever seen. I hope you enjoy it as much as me. I know this is A LOT to ask for but installing is quite ordinary, and since it would be vanilla the only problem is controlling the flow of "trusted" people. People may see this game differently than me and think spawning items is the whole point of the game. But in conclusion it is the enjoyment of making a machine completely legit that makes this so much fun! I hope it is not too much work to keep this special server going because you do so much for us Wabuf and Coastercraze and thanks for almost 1 year of fun!

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Actually, you can't spawn items in a server if you are not OP. Also, I believe you can change it in the options while running the server aka don't allow Too Many Items mod.


o 3o


Therefore there is no problem LOL


Except maybe for machine greifing. I would agree that you would have to play for quite a while before you are allowed to get on the "special server". o 3o


@gansta: I also added some spaces for your response for easier reading at late nights. o 3o

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