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What would you like to see come to The Chunk Republic?


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Voltz is another Tekkit, FTB, etc.-like mod pack... not sure we need another one of those running, seeing as FTB is becoming increasingly stable.

We're going to generate a new FTB Ultimate map for the udpate within the week (hopefully).

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I reallly think that if we get a Voltz server it would be awesome to set up a team based pvp/raiding system, each team would have  different base and use explosives or espionage to gain the upper hand on the other team, might want to ban nukes, darkmatter, and redmatter though.

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The only fun in Voltz is pvp as far as I can tell 


I need to do more research, but if you can launch nuclear missiles at specific coordinates you just got me interested 

Wabuf what are your thoughts on pvp if it's on a different server completely disconnected from vanilla? 


Anyways, I still love FTB 

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For sure.


I think Gansta was talking about Voltz possibly replacing FTB. Which ain't gunna happen because everyone currently wants FTB upgraded to FTB Ultimate Pack.


I might be starting that map tonight if nothing comes up. (:

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