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Snapshot 12w16a is out!


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http://www.mojang.com/2012/04/minecraft ... ot-12w16a/


Complete changelog:

Fixed some bugs

Fixed automatically stacked item stacks despawning 5 minutes after the first item was spawned

Fixed using 'pick block' on enderdragons, other players or extended piston arms crashing the game

Fixed selecting a new item while holding another item not disposing of the old item in Creative inventory

Fixed using 'pick block' on redstone, signs and reeds giving the block instead of the item


Added a demo mode for non-premium users (will be available when they do a full update)


Improved 'create world' screen

Added bonus chest option

Added option to enable single-player commands


Updated language files




World creation options:



Bonus chest option o 3o Appears when you start the world!


Not great of stuff lol. Except dem apples.

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