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Pistons! warglegarble


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its vanilla, but theres a really bad glitch that makes putting redstone objects (levers, buttons, torches) on a piston, will completely crash the map, rendering it 100% useless, making us start a brand new map... so dont expect a permanent vanilla map

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Okay so, I have idea but I have no idea how to use redstone so maybe you can help me with this.




One idea is a door which closes if there is the presence of water. The design idea is that a redstone torch gets knocked off by water, activating the door to close.


Imagine a doorway 3 blocks high and 2 blocks wide. If there was three pistons stacked on top of one another on both sides, it would be able to close completely.


The design could be using sticky pistons attached to stone or whatever so the door closed looks nice.


I would use this in my underwater city (if I ever return to it lol).




Other idea is mushroom farming.


Imagine a floor of sticky pistons facing up, extended with stone attached to them.


Now you have two or three stationary blocks of mushrooms. The mushrooms spread to the other blocks that are attached to pistons.


You press a button, the pistons go down. As a result, all the mushrooms are unrooted and you just walk over it to get to obtain the mushrooms.


This idea can be extended so that when the pistons drop, water flows out of a crevasse and washes all the shrooms into a bin, for you to collect.


I would like to see these made. o3o

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