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Mythil, Zoa, Jman, Wabuf, Daikon, Jonasgrooss, theonlymunk, Liefdevolle, Gangsta434, Umbacano, thelilmunk, popsicle ninja





Wabuf - Jonasgrooss - Mythil - umbacano47

Liefdevolle - gansta434 - theonlymunk - Jman2345678

Zoathewind - popsicle-ninja - thelilmunk - Daikon260




First Game: 2 hours ish lol (change)


In order of deaths:


- Zoa fell down a hole and a creeper destroyed him.


- Daikon fell into lava and died.


- Gansta was killec by Wabuf


- Wabuf was killed by Jonasgrooss on accident


- Jman2345678 was killed by Jonasgrooss


- Jonasgrooss was killed by Liefdevolle


- theonlymunk was killed by Mythil


- Liefdevolle was killed by Mythil


- Mythil was killed by popsicle-ninja


- thelilmunk was killed by creeper.






Notable Achievements:


Wabuf - Jonasgrooss - Mythil - umbacano47

- Full iron armor for entire team, along with a collection of over 30 diamonds.

- Got to the nether.

- Got to a nether fortress.

- Got a blaze rod and created a brewing stand.

- Tamed a dog.


Liefdevolle - gansta434 - theonlymunk - Jman2345678

- Full iron armor for the team.

- Lief went from no health to full health

- Spawned a baby chicken named Gerald.


Zoathewind - popsicle-ninja - thelilmunk - Daikon260

- The team managed to be last alive even though they lost two members early game.

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to clarify 2 things about the end of that game, 1 that was an apple farm not a wood farm, is that legal?


2. bc i was afk for a bit(thanks parents T.T) i had no idea who was alive and when i saw everyones names i assumed they were still living which is y i remained in the hole :P i am sorry for that haha

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I thought that was an apple farm. Was wondering why someone could ever need that much wood so close to the end of a match. XD But I totally understand the whole, "afk-parents-need-something" thing. Thankfully I can make edits during the video for that.


I am curious as to why that bugs out though when someone dies. It still shows them, but I know that Zoa, Mythil, Wabuf and I were showing because we were filming. But I too saw many names from people.

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Right now there is a bug (?) where when you die, you leave behind a person with full health before ban.


I think this happens when you try to respawn after you died. The respawn happens for a sec before you get banned, leaving a ghost name behind. o 3o


Just a theory.

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