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Additional Game Servers


What additional game servers would you like to have?  

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  1. 1. What additional game servers would you like to have?

    • Team Fortress 2
    • Left4Dead 2
    • Battlefield 3
    • Terraria
    • Minecraft: Tekkit Server
    • Counter Strike Source
    • Quake/Quake 2

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Personally I'm all for the Tekkit Server, since Minecraft is the only game I can run on laptop and I don't have any of the other options lol.




Tekkit is a mod pack for Minecraft which has its own launcher, meaning you don't have to download and set up much. All you need to do is download the Tekkit client and run it. You also have to have Java 7.


Here is the Tekkit wiki:





The mods included in Tekkit are:


Industrial Craft 2

- Introduces electrical power: Batteries, solar panels, and nuclear energy!

- Introduces new machines to help with smelting and creation of new items to help you create an empire!



- Introduces pipes, oil, and several new ores!

- Includes automatic machines! Several include auto-mining and auto-building!

- Introduces engines to run machines!

- Zoathewind is now a oil tycoon!


Equivalent Exchange (Lief's territory o 3o)

- Introduces alchemy!

- Includes new items like the Philosopher's Stone and Transmutation Tablets!

- This mod allows conversion between materials! Got a chest full of cobble? Look down, your cobble is now DIAMONDS.



- Introduces several new methods to harvest trees! Tree farms can be automated!

- Timber mod included! Cut down a tree at the base, and the entire thing falls (with exception to rubber trees).

- Includes biogenerators and beekeeping!


Redpower 2 (Lol at DrankisDank)

- Billions of more circuit possibilities!

- Volcanoes and a varity of ores added!

- Logic blocks! No need for a huge space! Reduce to a block :D



- Moar rails!


Minefactory Reloaded

- Automatic farm planting!

- Conveyor belts! Item collectors!

- Automated machines for farm animals, fishing, and several other things!

- Even more rails!


Redstone Remote

- Too lazy to turn off your device? Restone remote allows you to shut things off from a distance!


Nether Ores

- Ores in the nether! It's similar to the ores not in the nether but if you don't pick them up they explode though...


Power Converters

- Adds converters for BuildCraft to IndustrialCraft 2!

- More machines for conversions and fabrications!


Ender Chest

- An awesome chest that stores the contents in the End!

- The chest can share inventory with other places, so if you are mining, you can place the diamonds in the chest you have one you, and the diamonds would appear in the chest above ground!


Not Enough Items

- Successor to Too Many Items and Recipe Book!



- Build a computer inside minecraft and program it to do operations!


Weapons Mod

- Add a ton of new weapons from throwing knives to blowdarts to flails!

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