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Starcraft II is awesome


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I think I've gone mad lol!




so,the tournament started at 1:00 and I arrived at 2:00 after a 2 hour drive. We went up an extremely long staircase to 4 sliding doors.Inside those 4 doors was a long balcony constructed out of glass and painted black and silver!


if you were seated on the floor you would take a right and be placed on the floor with hundreds of people. chairs were slanted up like an opera house ;)


you would take a seat and everything was perfect especially for me because I bought a seat near the aisle :)


If you were seated on the middle level (the best) you would go up a long spiraling staircase to the middle level and there was another balcony! half the size of the 1,st one where you would buy your tickets!


the balcony however was completely encased in glass so it wasn't much of a balcony :( everything was black and silver. there were 2 bars per level (a bit of an overkill since the levels were only 1 1/2 times longer then a basketball court).

EVERY BAR HAD RED BULL EVERYWHERE LOL (like 1,000 cans per bar)


and that brings me to the last level the 3rd and worst XD I sat there to check it out and returned to my seats on the floor! the 3rd level had a bigger balcony than the middle balcony and was more open than the first. the biggest problem with the 3rd level was the HUUUUUUUUUUGE projector was in the was in the way of the action


There were fog machines in every corner of the stadium spewing fog and hitting it with LED lights to make an awesome effect




the game was projected on a curtain as big as an IMAX screen if not bigger in absolute stunning quality!


the players were in a sound proof booth so they couldn't hear the commentators.




the game play was soo intense I found no games boring even TvT the best match up however would have to be MC vs Stephano I won't spoil it if you haven't seen the matches but I'll tell you it was freaking epic!


I left right before the finals LOOOOLL but that match was better than the previous ones. HOWEVER I made it to my computer in time to watch the last 3 games! So don't ask me on that perspective LOL.




the venue was in the best spot EVER in Austin Texas on 2nd street!


1st let me tell you how the streets work in Austin the streets go by numerical order HOWEVER that isn't what makes the special the streets start at 1st street which is The Capitol Building!


every street has something special 2nd being it's theaters! and moar! HOWEVER the most special street is 6th street filled with bars and music! tradition is there is never a pause in the music the bars have live music every single day at ALL times!


So, if you're a singer 6th street will hire you in a flash! :D




I give this a 10/10 the epic venue the awesome matches just truly EPIC!




I will never forget this because I never do any of this stuff!


I will never forget seeing the commentators for the 1, st time husky, Sean there faces have never been so small LOL!

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