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Current Status of Server


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Okay, the server is down (in the sense of not vanilla) so I guess I’ll just write some observations that have been going through my head.




The Market:

Well, provided that this market isn’t active seeing that we don’t have enough players, it kinda sucks right now. But that will change, slowly.


So all of this is hypothetical scenario.


If there is an influx of people joining the server, we can expect resources to dry up fast, causing more people to explore further out or actually buy things from people. This got me thinking about some of the things we can do.


First, there is an infinite amount of resources in Minecraft when people keep expanding. Unlimited amounts of resources means no one is going to buy some log for 100 CRB. On the other hand, limiting the amount of resources aka limiting the map means us businessmen can make money. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN.


There are only three main markets I can see that will actually be active.




First, the rare ores market.



Almost no one likes spending a bunch of time looking for diamonds. It’s also really nice to just waltz into a store and buy a diamond pickaxe than spending time looking for them. Price floors for diamond will be necessary if people start duping diamond.



Lava is basically finite, so obsidian is also basically finite. I must say that THERE IS NO NEED FOR A PRICE FLOOR ON OBSIDIAN. I actually think it will detriment the economy be doing so. The only thing that can mine obsidian is diamond pickaxes, therefore bringing need to the diamond market. The price of diamonds will rise as supply gets low, much like a real economy.


Mossy Cobblestone:

Price floor needed, definitely. Lucky people who find these things are lucky.



Price floor needed. There isn’t too much use for gold except the new boosters and (lol) golden apples.



I’m pretty sure iron is going to be the biggest commodity that will be sold and bought. There are a lot of uses for iron and sometimes it’s hard to get the amount you want, so the market will definitely be good for this.



Arguable one of the rarest materials of there. Price floor needed as duping will probably be rampant.



Useless to many. This is probably going to be the cheapest thing on the rare ores market.



Price floor needed. BRICKS Y U SO HARD TO OBTAIN?



Price CEILING needed. Why? I am about to go MINE OUT ALL THE SAND I SEE AND HORDE IT. If its not subsidized by the government (lol), we might have this sort of problem.




Second, the dyed wool market.



SO HARD TO GET THE AMOUNT YOU WANT ARGH. Price floor for this is probably not needed, but maybe a small one (5 wool = $1?). Also a lot of people forget you can make wool out of string. WE SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS.


Red and Pink Dye:

Roses and bone meal are not too difficult to obtain through bonemeal and the like.


Orange Dye:

Roses and dandelions are not too difficult to obtain.


Yellow Dye:

Dandelions are not too difficult to obtain.


Lime Green and Green Dye:

Cactus and bone meal is not hard to obtain.


Cyan and Blue and Light Blue and Purple Dye:

Price floors necessary to stop duping. LAPIZ IS SO HARD TO GET ARGH.


Magenta Dye:

Price floors absolutely necessary. Once again, lapis is stupidly hard to get.


Black and Gray and Light Gray Dye:

Unless you are somehow able to farm squid (I do lol) black dyes are pretty darn hard to get. The only way I was able to obtain so many is owning a underwater base.


Brown Dyes:

We should have a price CEILING for brown dyes / brown wool. It’s not going to be affordable seeing you can only get them from dungeons.




Third, the organic market aka Woodmart.



Absolutely necessary for EVERYTHING EVER.

Why punch a tree when you can just buy some? The price on wood will be higher if WE DESTROY ALL THE TREES OUT IN THE OPEN EVERYWHERE. This would either cause people to explore out further to look for some trees or just buy it in a store for a low price, which is more convenient. Also, selling rare wood like birch and pine will be common if everyone cuts down the trees and doesn’t replant them.






Random Stuff:


The market price of slime balls will fluctuate seeing if no one builds pistons.


Egg prices will probably be really high; as a result cake prices will also be high.


Cobblestone and smooth stone: will probably be bought as a result of being lazy.


Coal and charcoal: the market for this might be a little wonky.




Effects of admins spawning stuff and selling it: Mass destruction of the market.


Effects of admins spawning stuff and NOT selling it: Mass destruction of the market. I can imagine people breaking building that don’t have protections to steal the stuff, knowing they will be replaced in the future.


Effects of mob spawners and mob grinders: Arrows, feathers, gunpowder (useless unless TNT is used for decorations), and string will be so cheap it’s not even funny.


Effects of farming: Mushrooms, wheat, reeds, and seeds will be cheap.




Business strategy: BE EVERYWHERE


Noob wondering in the desert. SUDDENLY WOOD SHOP OH HOW CONVENIENT.




The service market:


We don’t know how well the service market will work out for now, but this is speculation.


Protection services:

Protection services given by the admins can be bought, making the admins the richest people around. Other than protection of buildings and stuff, there is not much of a service market.


Land buying:

In case this actually happens, CLAIM ALL THE LAND!


Hired griefer:

I can see this happening. Hire a noob who doesn’t like the server anyway and give him money. Otherwise have them do it discretely. Eventually we can have a (?) mafia. (Also the three banks almost seems like three different mafias IMO.)


Hired hitman:

[Zoa pushed Mythil into the lava. “Dude what the heck!” Mythil screamed as he burst into flames. Zoa stared blankly at Mythil as he exploded into a shower of items. “Brinkmanship says hi.”]




Yeah anyway, who wants a space in my mall?





We need better methods of transportation.


Portals are good, but it’ll be nice to have a train type thing going around the city and elsewhere so you can actually view the scenery without being killed at night.


I personally would like the plane mod. It lets you view the scenery and have an aerial view of things. Also since fire and explosions are turned off, there is no reason to bomb things.




Group activities and stuff:


We need more players if any of this is to happen.


More admins are on nowadays, so people that visit are more likely to become members.




The reason activities would be good is that people will want to come back and have a reason to get on.


An example of this is the recent city we’re building. More people have been on since I’ve seen in a while. Its fun doing stuff with other people IMO.




Another reason to do activities is the direct result of Iconomy.


Activities can eventually simulate the economy. A regular tournament is pretty bland, BUT IF YOU BET ON THE WINNER, THE STAKES ARE INFINITELY HIGHER.


An example of this is a team deathmatch. You are obviously going to play harder and cooperate more if your money is at stake. Also if the payoff is 10:1.




Okay some ideas on activities:




This is a regular race on a race track in the nether. You run three laps.


The race track is build out of cobblestone and suspended in the air. And you run. And Ghasts destroy the track behind you. If you die, you go back to beginning and reenter the race. By the time for the second lap, the racetrack will be full of holes, making it more difficult. By the time for the third lap, it’s going to be hard not to fall.


The starting area is enclosed so the ghasts don’t see you. When the race begins, sticky pistons drop allowing access to the outside and you start running. The race track will be connected end to end so multiple laps can be accomplished. An observation deck for those who are not racing should be located in the middle of the track.


Betting on this would make it fun and cheating may appear (psst Zoa I give you 1000 CRB to lose the race intentionally). I have a general idea on how the betting will work, more on that if you guys are interested.





If plane mod is approved, then a course flying through the nether can be built. Should be fun, and many lolz may be have.





Imagine a beach made of slow sand with dispensers firing everywhere, TNT mines planted everywhere, and admins in bunkers zapping people with lightning bolts.


Don’t get the reference? Operation Overlord aka D-Day.


End goal is to reach a pillar with an obsidian block in it and break it to win.




Well that’s all I got for now. Your thoughts?

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You will never get more players without continuity, every time i log in its a different world or a backup is lost. Your permissions are sometime on sometimes off etc etc.


Once you are consistent, reliable and fair, people will stay. If you need to test something please do it on a small separate server first, get it right, then transfer it to your main server.


You need one main mature adult admin to take you in this direction, to me it appears fragmented, with no set plan.


This is not me moaning, this is my opinion as a user to why you have few people. All the great populated servers do all the above and more.

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Hey Daniel, --negating Zoa, we are mature adults. Coaster and I are in our 20s and both own established, reputable businesses. We are not trying to be anything... just a small, relaxed Minecraft server. Why relaxed? Because we both cannot afford to spend a ton of time playing or administrating the server (because we have lives). Technically, our server has met its goals a long time ago; approximately 6 months.


We're not trying to be anything more than we already are. Yes, things are unstable at times. Need we remind you that Minecraft is still in development? Updates are constantly being released and all our plugin developers have to write all new code to suit, per update. We cannot prevent that from happening. If you can think of some magical workaround (besides going 100% Vanilla), we're all ears!


BTW: Any more insult or condescending remarks are subject to consequence. We value your input and suggestion, but not redundantly negative gripe. Plus, you're way off of Mythil's desired topic.

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Agreed with Wabuf. Although, I would appreciate having a few more player that are not administrators. We hardly have 4 people on at a time. I certainly don't want to have 15 people all talking at the same time but a few more dedicated users would make this seem more like a community. People who I see on at least 1-3 days a week: Wabuf, Coaster, Zoa, Brink, Pies, Mythil, John, Daniel, and Jcivils. Jonas, Gunkleton, and a few others come on rarely anymore.. Of us that are on during the week its only usually 3 of us at a time..


That paragraph probably looks like shit because I'm watching a movie right now.. so..

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I must say, this server is one of the most consistent I've been on. I mean, since we rely on so many mods to protect our Republic from devastation, its no problem for a few days of vanilla allowing us to try new things (though sometimes we are no informed beforehand, but hey and update happens, better expect vanilla). The only problem with the vanilla is, I don't get any materials to work with aka pistons right now. *cough* Spawnsomeinachestrightnow *cough*


While we do have a lack of people, I have only been griefed twice. Rather minor offenses, such as stealing torches. Other servers I have been on have such heavy grief that I just left. While protection doesn't always work, WE STILL ARE PROTECTED IN THE FACT WE FILTER THROUGH MEMBERS.


What I also like about this server is we actually try new things. During the time that I have been on, I have seen a ton of different mods being added on and removed. It was pretty cool seeing those things in game instead of on youtube of trying it by yourself. Also, we have a community that listens. When something is wanted, we put it back in and vice versa. Testing as of now is trying something and seeing if it ends up cool or not. It adds more exploration to this game.


The problem with a lack of members doesn't come from the fact that this world sucks, but from the fact we get no advertising whatsoever. I mean, we have a youtube channel. That's it. I learned of this server from Brinkmanship.


But I will also agree that if 5 people are on 3 are admins is a little too much. We need more dedicated players (not to mention we need people to buy our goods lol).


I do think we need more advertising if we want more people. Either we make more youtube videos of cool stuff such as activities, I'm sure that would lure more people in. From there, post vids of them on random forums etc etc.


We do need to change the log-in screen though. I has to say "If you want in on this server, go to mc.wabuf.com to sign up on the forums." If we do that, that is a way for the admins to see if a person wants in and are dedicated enough to do so. Hopefully aren't griefers.





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Great analysis. I agree that having more players will allow the economy to work out, but personally disagree with the ideas for admin specific businesses other than banks.


To solve the problem of depletion of natural sand and whatnot, a separate, mining only world, could be created with a portal to it in the portal room.


And as for the transportation thing, trains, would be the best option, as they don't really require mods, and can be set to have tolls sent to the creator(s) and/or owner(s) of the rail road, as me and Zoa are doing on the monorail from spawn to our new town.

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COMPLETELY agree with Mythil. We need to filter new members through the forum. That way, we only register new members that are likely to get involved and stay a while!


Also, back on topic; Azora's point about banks, railroads and a 'mining-only' world are spot-on. I believe that would add a really cool dynamic to the server. In the 'mining-only' world we could literally start digging down right where we first spawn in the map and start an elaborate mining operation.


Do something stylized like this:

Posted Image


...and it would just keep expanding indefinitely in all directions.

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Well, the only problem with admins only running banks is the fact that no one else can protect structures. Unless protection is free. I'm cool with that.


The only problem I have right now is the problem with income. The way banks are work at the moment is that the rich get richer and the poor get children. This interest system basically rewards those who have money, which is essential in capitalism, I guess. I know I won't make much money due to my lack of interest in mining.


My guess is I'll stay poor with unlimited materials for building government projects unless I get commissions from building structures lol.

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Haha yeah, it's going to be quite awesome Wabuf.


And Mythil, I'm pretty sure buying land is the same thing as protecting it, and that once the economy is fixed up, and possibly reset due to the extreme inflation of the previous interest rate problems, that things should start running more smoothly as long as we manage our assets well and have our own niches to work and sell in. Admins don't earn all that much from banks anyway haha.

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