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Team Wabuf[*:e78yqk1h]Umbacano47[*:e78yqk1h]Jonasgrooss[*:e78yqk1h]Wabuf

Team Lief[*:e78yqk1h]devapain60[*:e78yqk1h]Jman2345678[*:e78yqk1h]Liefdevolle

Winning Team:

Team WabufDeath Sequence:

[*:e78yqk1h]Umbacano47 - starvation[*:e78yqk1h]devapins60 - suicide[*:e78yqk1h]Liefdevolle - suicide[*:e78yqk1h]Jman2345678 - suicideSummary Of Events:

Both teams got off to a fair start. Team Wabuf made their home in a nearby deep ocean ravine. Devapains60 overheard Umbacano47 saying Team Wabuf's coordinates. Umbacano47 died around 25 minutes in looking for food. Mining continued until a little over 2 hours. Both teams at this point had sky-base(s). Both teams held their ground at their sky-bases, so Team Lief ended up committing team-suicide via boating off of their sky-base. Team Wabuf declared victory.


Regardless of the complete lack of team-to-team interaction, it was a fairly exciting match!




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Yeah, because not much happened and I have finals next week I'll be making a highlights sort of video. It might be a little bit longer than 10 minutes. Some YouTube viewers prefer raw, real-time while others prefer cleanly chopped highlights; this will appeal to the latter. xD

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