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Answer this!


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I wonder if anyone on here can answer this question and don't use the Internet unless it starts breaking your brain here it goes:

You saw a shirt for $97.


You didn't have the cash, so you borrowed $50 from your mom and $50 from your dad = $100.


You bought the shirt and had $3 change.


You gave your dad $1 and your mom $1 and kept the other $1 for yourself.


Now you owe your mom $49 and your dad $49.


$49 + $49 = $98


+ your $1 = $99.


Where is the missing $1?

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Alright let's do this.


So the clothes is $97 ya? Assuming that the money from your parents are equally spent on the clothes, it will give that both are $48.50.


Now when you give your parents a dollar each, it means before you gave it to them you owe both $49.50. In total your debt is $99 atm.


And you have a dollar left which you kept. Total: $100






All in all, the amount you said you owed the parents is wrong. While you say you owe them $49, you actually owed them $48.50.


EDIT: Someone posted something else besides me! This is madness!

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Okay, since I'm bored, let's do this the other way.


To begin we have given both parents a dollar back, meaning the debt is at $100 total. We have a dollar.


Where does that dollar come from?



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Mmmkay, let's work backward:


They both have $0.

You have $3. (You owe both of them $50)

You pay both of them $1. (You have $1)

You still owe both of them $49; a total of $98.


Your shirt was only $97.

There's your dollar, bro. In your hand. :arrow:


Still doesn't make sense? Hint: By the end, you don't owe yourself a dollar... xD (+/- switch in question).

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