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In regards to Cloud_Five: Taiwan


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I heard you be going to Taipei, so I be suggesting where to go. I'll post personal pics of the places laters.


Also, depending on if you go west coast or east coast or south coast, I can suggest places in those regions.




Four places I highly recommend in/around Taipei:


1. Taipei 101

If you go to Taipei and don't visit the second tallest building in the world, you completely fail. The admission price is around $13 USD, a stupidly small amount.


GO ON A SUNNY DAY SO YOU CAN GO OUTSIDE 90 FLOORS UP. I didn't expect it, but it was dead quiet up there.


Also, on the way back down, there is a six floor fancy mall with overpriced stuff lol.


BONUS: If you are extremely rich/have $100+ bucks to burn, there is a restuarant on the 87 floor. At night, it is beautiful up there, especially since Taiwan has an awesome night life.





2. National Palace Museum

This place has some of the oldest and most well preserved Chinese artifacts ever. The communists destroyed many of the relics that China owned and many of the artifacts were smuggled/rescued by the nationalists when they fled the mainland to Taiwan. Dunno about you, this place has a huge impact on me, just because I'm half Chinese and half Taiwanese lol.





3. Shilin Night Market

The night market. So much money wasted on super cheap things LOL. The atmosphere is great too, but beware, if you look white, they will try to rip you off. Always haggle by saying half the price or more of what they suggest. Bring a small calculator or notepad to show what number you want, since I'm guessing you don't know Mandarin lol.





4. Danshui

As a kid, this was where I loved to go lol. There are so many cheap carnaval games to play, the shops were fantastic, and the scenery was excellent. You can read more on this website.






In regards to transportation:


Bus - cheapest - no English, so chances are you're effed if no one in your party can read traditional Chinese.


Subway - Second cheapest - some English - easiest to use since most of the sites like Danshui and the Night market have direct stops in the area.



Taxi - most expensive - kinda fail English - carry a GPS in case they start to do loops to get more of your money LOL




In regards to food:


Taiwan fruits are DIVINE and cheap unlike in Japan where everything is SO EFFING EXPENSIVE.


Fruit milk is tasty but don't drink if you don't adjust to food well.


Taiwan breads are famed to be pretty darn good lol.




Ask me anything and I can prolly get the information, seeing that I have a crapton of relatives living over there.

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Taipei 101 maybe is the 2nd tallest building in the world but Tokyo Sky Tree is the second tallest structure and the tallest tower :P


Also, I don't think I look white but yeah we may have a friend with us that may help us avoid being scammed.. Thanks for the info mate!

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