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Question of merging the maps


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Okay, so, I was wondering how the merging of the two worlds will occur. Is it going to be selective buildings and structures or importing the entire map and placing it somewhere like Brink's city?


Also, are there plans to create a mining world?


And this looks great for a creative server:

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Haha, Zoa... we HAVE that. WorldEdit brushes are exactly the same, just not as robust and sizable; you just have to be a little more creative, hence why we would designate a 'Creative' map.


And yes Mythil, we will transfer (on demand) your old buildings from World1 to World2 at your desired location. But I'll probably have suggestions, as I fly around a lot and know of some rather bare areas that would be prime for some new structures.


As for a Mining and Creative map, yes. Those are still GO, but this will take place after we're transferred to the new map. Plus, I want to learn these new hierarchical plugins like the back of my hand before this takes place because I don't want ANY building in the Mining world, just a global 'click-mining' feature and I want to set it where--with one simple command, I can set builders in Creative to have full WorldEdit/Guard capabilities.


...I really should outline my plans/ideas in projects or something so everyone can have some organized input.

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