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I need YOU to come up with ideas.


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Okay so, I just want to know what the goal is:

- Is it to have fun?

- Is it to post on the interwebs of lulzy exploits?


The reason in asking is to see what kind of manpower is needed. Recently wabuf graduated and is (probably) now working full time so maybe he doesn't have much time in video editing along with the rest of the guise. I am in my final year of college so I know I won't have time to video edit much. If it is just to lol and have fun, cool beans. If it is to post on interwebs as videyas, then you will have to find people willing to record and to edit.


Game shows will have to have a lot of editing and a lot of free time.




You need to come up with an idea of the chooser or you if you need one at all.


A hilarious chooser would be a bunch a villagers with houses. Put a zombie on the ground and the villagers run to the houses and whichever house has more villagers, is the game chosen lol.




Then you need to decide what kind of system of winning you want.


Do you want to win by games? Or do you want to win by points?


I have a personal preference to a point system, so in the end [double bonus round] / wager points could allow a loser to win even if the loser was losing big time!


The point system also allows for more people to compete, such as a 1st place get 100 points, second place gets 50 points, and third place gets 25 points or something like that.


Also, you can do things like Mario Party with 1v1v1 or 2v1 for 3 people or 1v1v1v1, 2v2, 1v1v2, 1v3 with four people, making more games/having more options.


Another option that point systems open up is the leaderboard: Basically, there is a gigantic leaderboard with the amount of points everyone has.




My preference of games is Minecraft aka: Mine and Craft while a lot of Minecraft game shows tend to show more of PvP or Parkour. Some ideas would be:


- Nether Rush: A race to the nether. This is based off the 30 minute challenge to kill a Ghast, except in this matchup, there are two different teams OR everyone is one their own. The nether portals must be placed above ground in a certain location, forcing people to either dig closer to everyone and having a path up to the world. Team or individual game.


- Army of Machines: Another game would be a competition to see how many iron golems you can make. The pumpkins are provided, and a time limit is set. Team or individual game.


- The Railroad: Competition to see how long of a railroad you can build in a certain time limit.


Other random games could be:


- Growing Grass: A circular field of dirt with four points are grass. Players mark their chosen places with signs, and whoever's sign is left without grass grown underneath wins.


- Stronghold Holdout: Basically the setup is finding a stronghold, use world edit to rid of dirt, stone, coal, iron, lava, and water to excavate the stronghold. After sealing the holes in it, two entrances can be put in and a PvP match can be held in the natural arena.


I'll come up with other things laters.

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