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Like DayZ? Why not MineZ?


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signs you're addicted to minecraft!


1: you google search each daily reference and randomly say it through out the day.


2.you ask "when are the pigs running" at a horse betting window.


3. you stay in a squatted position while walking to sneak up on someone.


4.you press E in every game to see what it does.


5.you don't play any other games


6.you order porkchops at every single restaurant.


7. you learn how to speak enchantment language [Galactic] and write every thing in it.


8.you don't use you'r hands to climb out of things.


Yup I'm addicted.

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In any case, these guise seem to be opening huge servers that we can play on, so technically we don't need to make our own. Not to mention playing with other dudes seems rather interesting if we are skyping. Then we can do things like:


Lead Developer says:

"This is not a plugin, it is a collection of custom coded plugins working to produce magic. As Highlife shared it is not for a novice user, requires a MySql database, and it is built for people with technical expertise to set up.

The persistence aspect mean that if this gets as strong of a response as we anticipate we can spin up another instance of MineZ in record time and players who have played on one of the other servers can switch to the new one without losing their hard-earned loot. Essentially this means we can have a 400 player MineZ environment set up across 4 servers, it also means you get a consistent experience across the board."


On respawn and death ban:

"For those of you who don't know my roots, I own/admin the HCFactions server, which is a hardcore factions server utilizing a three day death ban. I've always loved hardcore since the idea of not being able to play for some time after a death makes the game have an intensity you don't find in a standard respawn-on-death game.


For MineZ, I wanted to do something similar. But not for three days. I was envisioning a short death ban, along the lines of an hour, so that players can try multiple times in a day, but can't just zerg rush.


It is important not to allow instant respawn, since you can literally pull a train of zombies towards players. If you decide to do this, thats fine, but I don't want players dieing near the coast and then immediately rushing back towards their attacker. It is a disservice to the player who is being careful, and rewards sloppy play.


That being said, there have been about 1800 deaths in a couple days from the 20-30 testers who have been playing. The good news? They love it. After their initial 5-10 deaths, they start to "get it" and their life span increases dramatically. However, the challenge is the learning curve. While I desperately want to have a death ban to encourage players to be more mindful of their actions, I don't necessarily want players to feel that the game is too unforgiving. I'm all about a learning curve, it makes games more fun.


The current system is as follows:

Players who die are banned temporarily for 1-hour. This is a global ban across all of the MineZ servers.

New players (first time we create player data) are given five "instant respawn" lives. This means for your first go of the plugin, you can die five times and instantly get into the action.


Looking at it, it seems fair. But I feel this is a critical element that changes the feel of the mod. Please share your thoughts on this, or alternative ideas."

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if I were to do some modding i would make a nice compatible robot vs robot mod for multiplayer 2 robits will clash and it's up to you! to design your robit! would be in a arena with compatible multiplayer you would gain money every time your robit gets a hit on the other robit I would then use skeleton ghast etc characteristics do path game movement for example if you chose your robit to be an archer. he would have zombie pace but skeleton accuracy and low health :D

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HighlifeTTU says:


I hate saying this but... It will be released when it is ready. Every day we get much closer, but since the entire team does this after their day jobs we are limited in what we can accomplish in a single day.


I think we will slip past the two week goal but I'm hoping to have it out middle July at the latest. I know it sucks to wait but know we want the most polished, bug free experience at launch. We also want the world to have a ton of unique things to discover. We are literally working every extra minute we have on the mod. I hardly sleep right now. So I'm not kidding when I say we are trying our very hardest to get it to you as soon as possible.

Also, pretty cool HUD:

MineZ Unofficial InGame GUI Mod v1.0 for Minecraft v1.2.5

Mod by xIGBClutchIx (me)

The mod is made for the MineZ server and it changes the ingame gui!

Image Preview: http://i.imgur.com/EbVD4.png

Download Link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/28270774/MineZ ... 20v1.0.zip

Tutorial on how to install: http://pastebin.com/TyG4AcbU

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I don't really understand why they changed the HUD so much


it looks like busy work for someone...


also, I want to see some actual gameplay do you know any channels other than that pauseunpause gamer?

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