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So while trying to tp back home after a lovely trip to the chunk market buying 64 coal for the 3 stacks of sand I had pending I had already placed 1 stack of sand in my lovely furnace. I /homed right into a wall losing 2 stacks of sand and 1 stack of coal I would like a refund but my request is to find out if this is just me or everyone else? I have already died multiple times but including one time were I lost 50 LEVELS!


I also lost 16 blaze rods :(


I'm for now on going to avoid /home as much as possible however the same could be said with Spawn! is this me or everyone else!


BTW: after death your items magically disappear


I expect a full refund X- 85 Z + 210


I say good day!


anyhow :D submit your maps for a chance to enter the chunk republic official saturday map pack!


Now I say good day


And if you can I want my levels back!


I may sound crazy but I hate losing economy points!


it's not just the refund I want but now you know the problem!


Now I say Good Day! Good Day!


Update: I after multiple experimenting i have concluded that the player needs a 1 sec wait time where he can't move to get to his house/spawn in bright conditions

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It's a problem with your network connection. Only those with less than good connections report this happening. It has never happened to me, but I've heard a few others complain (who live on the opposite side of the Earth from Phoenix, AZ). They naturally have a bad response time.


How it happens:

[*:33fh109r]You're going about your business with a 'good' connection (3 to 4/5 arbitrary bars)

[*:33fh109r]You want to go to spawn because you're far away

[*:33fh109r]Between the 'good' and now (the millisecond you type /spawn), your connection flickers to 1/5

[*:33fh109r]Your good connection told the server to place you at spawn, but with the sudden fluctuation in response time, you cannot sufficiently load chunks to stand on

[*:33fh109r]You spawn beneath spawn in blocks

[*:33fh109r]...and suffocate

I've done tests on my own setup. I ran many torrents to slow my connection to a crawl (1/5, if that xD). I ran WireShark along side Minecraft and successfully reproduced this glitch and suffocated. I read the WireShark logs on all of the packets being sent and received within milliseconds of the command and after. It can basically be outlined by the 'How it happens' above--layman's terms. Fluctuation .. server tries to get player position .. local player position reports as less 'Y' value .. chunks load .. player is now trapped .. player suffocates.

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Just had a thought which would involve serious re-engineering of spawn: What if I made spawn a tall tower of alternating layers of water and air all the way to the ground. This would give players with slower connections a chance to load everything and it would only take a half-second or so... hmm.

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LOL .. yeah, uploading is the worst thing you can do while gaming. You know how I said I had multiple torrents going; YouTube's uploading system utilyzes all of the up connection it possibly can--definitely worse than torrents. The difference between your send and receive rate was probably day and night at the time, causing delayed send time server-side.

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