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MineZ Updates


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Zombie sickness if you get bit?!



New Updates:


There are a number of gameplay and balance changes coming tonight. Here is a snap shot of whats to come.


=====Zombie Damage Reduction=====


Current Zombie Damage: 6

Full Iron: 2.4 damage a hit

Full Chain: 3.12 damage a hit

Full Leather: 4.32 damage a hit


New Zombie Damage: 4

Full Iron: 1.6 damage a hit

Full Chain: 2.08 damage a hit

Full Leather: 2.88 damage a hit

Still dangerous, but not insane. When we turned off health regen from full food it made the zombies incredibly hard. I like the fact every encounter does some damage to you, and that many encounters over time will get you if you don't find healing potions, but ultimately 1-2 zombies should not end you as quick as they are. With this change we may be increasing the zombie count. The idea is to encourage smart behavior. One zombie? Cool, I got this. Two zombies? Ermm, alright sure. Three? Might be trouble. Four? Cross your fingers. Five or more? If I do this, I'm going to be in bad shape or die. I might want to run.




We are going to primarily focus on the coastal area this evening, rolling out some roads between towns and placing small cottages, farms, and towers along them. We will eventually expand these north. This should give players some guide to which direction they might possibly go to find a town.


====Expanded Map====


I am going to expand the map to be a bit wider. I think the overall length is good for the time being, but I think there needs to be more coastal areas, as with 30 people its already a little crazy. For those of you who play DayZ, keep in mind 50-60 is the server limit. We will be running 100 slots if we can optimize the code to handle it. So further map expansions may be needed as we move forward with additional player count.


====Harder Zombies WHAT?====


Not sure if we can do this yet, but I've got an idea to make some spawns up north have some more difficult zombies. This would allow me to better scale the difficulty between coast, random spawns, and the more dangerous military / remote towns in the north. I'll provide more details as we move forward.


====Goodbye Sweet Starting Items====


Players will no longer start with a full set of leather armor. Nor will they start with a wooden sword. Leather items and wooden swords will be more plentiful in the common loot spawns, meaning you'll need to be very careful when you first spawn in. This should balance the zombie damage to allow the starting experience to be very dangerous, but let you feel more powerful as you secure the better types of armor in your journey.


====Common Chest Rebalance====


Most common chests have a chance to spawn between 1 and 2 items. We will be increasing this to 2 to 3. This should increase your chances of finding starting gear from these chests.


Final Thoughts

The support has been amazing. Thanks for keeping an eye in MineZ. I know there are some glaring balance issues, and last night we were fending off a DDOS that made the server a bit slower. We've worked with the host to help mitigate this issue as best we can, and hopefully tonight will be a better experience. See you in game.

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for once zombies aren't going to be complete pushovers :D


vanilla minecraft I could take 5 zombies with a wood sword no problem


after reviewing the content carefully I find 1 zombie a complete pushover


just spam click


2 zombies however you're screwed LOL


^^^^due to server lag zombies will get the first hit on you so w/out server lag max you can take is 3

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