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Skin Time, Tekkit Time, and more


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Hello Chunk Republic!


I've decided after much consideration to begin a skin making hobby :D I will be using Photoshop to make these hopefully awesome skins. BUT, before I make my skins I gots to learn the basics of Photoshop so bear with me.....ALOT Photoshop is an amazing program so I'm going to a lot to make it EPIC right now I'm trying to configure a custom layer 1 from minersneedcoolshoes so I can make my skins in the really neat grid mncs has I will use Layer 2 by itself obviously so it would be just 100% epic It may take me a good month or so to start doing this so yeah! :D




In other news IT'S TEKKIT TIME I'm creating a series (much like The Shadow if Israphel) in Tekkit. The basic story line


I start off by making a simple tutorial but when I enter my house BOOM! an explosion kills my player and I mysteriously spawn in an empty bunker that has survived MANY nukes blah blah blah a few solid important stuff later! I need people :D

I can change names with a spout plugin so I need to derp around with my horrendous server so YEAH! Ididn't realize it was similar to Fallout until lief gave me a hint LOL and until I actually saw some stuff from Fallout so meh :(


Note: I'm extremely tired so if any of this make sense to you, banana


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