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Event* UHS August 3rd


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Well I guess I can do a quick roll call for next week now so I don't get smashed up with my Tekkit series


Participating for August 4th?

Tell Me NOW!

The game begins at 5:00 US Central Timezone

So, If you live in the East of US Booom you're 1 hour ahead

So, If you live in the West of US Booom you're 1 hour behind

Center is in the middle so I don't think I can go very wrong

Jonas If this timezone is a pain in the bum for you I can change it no problemo to 3 Central Timezone

I don't like doing big events very earlier than 3 pm so keep that in mind > : D



What I need to know


I need Skype name I will add you to a custom UHS group don't save it to your contacts because I'll change it basically every Saturday. There I will give you the Ip.


If you're available in BOTH times 3:00 or 5:00 US CENTRAL TIME


If you have any buddies that would like to join plus their Skype name




If you want to do stuff other than UHS

*The Walls

*Noxcrew Gameshow


I have to know all of the above Thank You :D


Edit: if you lice in California or around that area you're probably 2 hours behind or

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