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1.3 is out! New Map?


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Same old map, just save your 1.2.5 JAR file if you wish to play on our server. We'll hopefully be updating this weekend--provided things go well and I have enough free time...


There has been extensive discussion on this already: What to Expect in 1.3

Only change from that thread to right now is that we're possibly going to make the switch sooner than expected.


EDIT (Just for the heck of it): A list of proposed changes...

[*:3nyvouqf]Backup all previous maps

[*:3nyvouqf]Completely wipe server

[*:3nyvouqf]Install new 1.3 Minecraft server (whitelist period for testing)

[*:3nyvouqf]Generate 3 new worlds

[*:3nyvouqf]Main World[*:3nyvouqf]Nether[*:3nyvouqf]Creative[*:3nyvouqf]Q: What, no End or anything else?[*:3nyvouqf]A: Nope. We're pruning out unnecessary worlds to improve global response times -> less lag.

[*:3nyvouqf]Configure and test new plugins

[*:3nyvouqf](most likely...) Put old maps up for download

UPDATE: Step one near complete! :D

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There will be plenty going on in the few maps we'll have (including adventure events). In our current, soon-to-be-previous setup, there could be 5 - 10 people on and you would feel very alone because of too many maps.


Creative will still be creative. No changes to that besides a new map and hopefully more organized layout. So adventure builds and copy/pasting of schematics could be going on there as well.


EDIT @LaZy: Minecraft 1.2.5 JAR Download

Put this in your \Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin folder and overwrite the current.

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UPDATE: I've gotten the server a quarter of the way configured in terms of initial setup. It looks like starting from scratch will be our best option in terms of speed, organization and functionality.


*2: Generated a SuperFlat map locally to put as the creative world on the server. But the MultiWorld plugin flagged that world as 'FLATWORLD' meaning 64 blocks high instead of 5. So it resulted in a really interesting creative world: A massive square of SuperFlat around spawn and giant walls around it where MultiWorld starts adding it's 'FLATWORLD' definition. xD


*3: Got MultiWorld and MultiInv working well with 1.3. All tested and whatnot.


Continuing local testing...

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I would like that too. Adventure maps would be really cool too, supposing we can play or make one. Hopefully with more direction lol.


I'm guessing there will be no /spawn? If possible I will like if we had that one command with ONE /home. If no /home, that would make people not build far from spawn hopefully, but if they do, they can't get back to spawn that easily. The last map was like that in the beginning with everyone building super far from spawn.


Also how to get ends tone for building purposes then?


In any case I'll be having fun building roads and temp shelters around the map. Maybe an underwater structures again lol.

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In terms of attaining end stone, I might just make a converter with Falsebook or something then. Maybe 4 sandstone = 1 end stone? Something simple to remember.

Lol, somehow this got lost on the last page? xD

I was thinking something alternative like a 2 Netherrack and 2 Sandstone custom recipe. Just thinking in terms of (Nether stone) * (Main World stone) = End stone... may have lost a few people on that, but it makes sense to me and isn't too easy to attain; much like End stone.

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I agree, something like that would be cool.


So the falsebook shops will still be in place? What will the server shop have? I was thinking it would only have less things than the usual, like unobtainable things like Endstone and rare things like cracked/mossy stone bricks or the endportal blocks.

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I'm going to try and coordinate things the best I can. But without the ability to be on 24/7, it makes any form of coordination really difficult. I used your seed Evil and it's what I'm currently configuring with. The seed's spawn is on the edge of the Jungle and closely borders four other biomes: (clockwise from Orient) Desert, Grasslands, Taiga and Swamp. Maybe we can set up districts by biome? i.e. Desert => Commercial (shopping); Grasslands => Horticulture (farming); etc...


EDIT: I think spawn will probably be shops since it's where people go to get back to a familiar place when lost. Also, I'll probably set some sort of foundation down in the default, perma-protected spawn zone (where no one besides OP can modify). Anywhere outside of this area will be up to members--a blank canvas.


Update: Woot! Where the old server was 2.25 GB, our new one will start at a slim 27 MB! :D

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Already generated the world two days ago and there was no village. However, there is pretty much every biome surrounding spawn. Dibs = you getting on and claiming it .. xD I'll also protect it if you show me where it is.


BTW: There are now locking chests via sign beneath chest: Line 1: [Lock] and Line 2: YourName. :)

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