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Minecraft 1.3 (Test Run & Launch)


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Depending on how early I wake up tomorrow (Saturday), we will be going live in whitelist to configure stuff in a live server environment. Whitelist includes Admin, Mods and a few Vets; 9 total. The server may not be public until Sunday or Monday afternoon. In the mean time, our TCR Tekkit server is still on 24/7 at tekkit.wabuf.com. I may open that up to all current members of the original TCR Minecraft server. EDIT: Tekkit is now open to all TCR Minecraft regulars!


Things to be tested: New permission-set, world layout, world-smuggling prevention, economy...

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Things that have been fixed:

[*:8x8n9j8y]Spawn on top of Nether upon /goto world_nether command; fixed by defining spawn

[*:8x8n9j8y]Creative spawn defined

[*:8x8n9j8y]Creative void gas eliminated by rising floor to a height of 16

[*:8x8n9j8y]Installed a simple new home plugin

[*:8x8n9j8y]Allowed members to invite people to their home or make public

[*:8x8n9j8y]Allowed Moderators to list all players' homes and delete[*:8x8n9j8y]Fixed issue of going home between worlds keeping creative inventory by cleaning up code

[*:8x8n9j8y]Fixed ChestShop issues by updating to latest and reconfiguring

[*:8x8n9j8y]Players can now lock chests with sign underneath (WorldGuard method)

[*:8x8n9j8y]Nether spawn issue re-fixed D:

[*:8x8n9j8y]WorldGuard wand tool: String changed to Feather due to Trip Wire dependencies

EDIT: At the rate things are moving, 1.3 will be public later this afternoon or evening! :D

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