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The Great Transfer


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Howdy there gansta434 with what may be the most difficult job in minecraft


Posted Image


as you can see it's quite big and the villagers I assure you are secured from zombies.


I NEED YOU to secure these guys home in spawn, It will be a long journey so remember to pack food and equipment, we will push these guys by minecrart through 2 oceans 2 mountains 1 jungle and another desert


Me and Jman have been searching for ages and just can't seem to find any near spawn


Why Should I? : as of 1.3. villagers or npcs can now trade with us! securing these guys in spawn is the safest way, I will build a pen for these guys and their houses :D


I will begin this hopefully in 2 weeks as I'm going to mexico Tuesday!

Then I will give you the coords!


Are You In?

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