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So, seeing as I am playing from far away lands of milk, honey, women, and alcohol, but lacking speedy internet, I often find myself questioning whether things in the game happen due to the delay, server problems, etc.

But recently, in 1.3, I find myself being very much frustrated with some of the things I encounter, for example, dying to a skeleton while wearing full iron armor and rolling with every advantage known to man except knowledge of the fact that apparently you can't always hit mobs when they decide that it's no longer a fair fight.

This isn't a one time thing for me, either it happens quite a lot, and it doesn't seem to be caused by delay/lag.

I can see why it would happen in my cow farm. (Squeezing around a hundred cows into a 10x14 room ain't exactly animal friendly) But when it happens down in me and Jonas' mine-thing and in our brothel (Commonly known as a villager breeder)

It just gets really annoying, because you can't trade with that one villager that you need to exploit for all his emeralds.

Anyway, my point is, is this a problem the rest of you are seeing? (That villagers/mobs appear to be out of sync Server/Client wise)

Also, since experience bottles are now available from trading, can we please be allowed to actually throw them.

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I've definitely seen some issues fighting "invincible" mobs. The best advice I can give is the run away and let them chase you, then retry fighting the mob. That usually resyncs them and lets you hit.


On a related note, boats have this same issue. You try to get on the boat, but nothing happens. You have to right click somewhere off to the side where the boats hitbox really is in order to get on. It's very frustrating when you are in the middle of an ocean and 12000 blocks away from any shore and you can't get on your boat.

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@Lars: In terms of your ping, there's a little something between you and the server called The Earth. Your ping will probably never be desirable. Could it be the server's fault? Most likely not--and here's why: In our current configuration, I've gotten rid of over 70% of unneeded processes and services. The server is very finely tuned and running extremely smooth by comparison to past configurations.


In terms of the boats: Mojang claims to have 'fixed!' the getting-in-and-out-of-boats issues. I have had no first person encounters with boats in 1.3, to date. But the fact that they tinkered with something tells me it could have made other things go awry.

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You misunderstand, Wabuf, I am by no means complaining about my ping, nor was I saying the problems were related to that.

I was suggesting that the problems I was experiencing are from the server software itself, as in problems with the 1.3 update. (Am speaking of the mobs being out of sync client/server side)

By that, I mean that the villagers are standing in 2 different places on the client, and on the server, if they are either packed together, or just not in a mood of cooperating.

I only think I made a faint remark about my ping in my post, and I don't believe I ever said it was related to the issue I was having. If I did not make myself clear about that, I am sorry, but do understand that English isn't my first language and some things/points are so to speak, lost in translation.

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My logic

in US of A


I have encountered only one problem, some mobs "spirits" seem to be away from their bodies while others don't I have great ping too!


In Mexico


I'm playing from disgusting interwebs on a great computer, hostile mobs never seem to move but I can still hit them actually!


In Argentina

Cousins playing from average internet on a good computer 13 or so hours from ohio! The same problems of US of A [They tell me]


I've played from everywhere before 1.3.1 and mobs weren't as out of sync as they are now


In conclusion 1.3.1 seems to have out of sync mobs but only REALLY annoy you with bad interwebs/ping

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Well, sort of my point, and mind you I only died once or twice to this sync issue caused by 1.3.

The real annoying bit is villagers, because they simply refuse to work if I have pushed then around and they haven't moved (server side)

I guess it's a little difficult for me to explain over text, but if Wabuf desires I would happily explain it over skype, followed by possibly some cyber-se... I mean by cake and happiness!

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Whoa, definitely did not mean to offend. Each statement was intended to be neutral and informative. Also, both yourself and Jonas' English is far and away the best among anyone else who's first language is not English. (Thanks for clarifying)


Yes, the mobs are indeed out of sync with their AI. Not positive whether it's server-side or client-side in regards to delay. I've been searching for a fix for that ever since 1.3 was announced--so hopefully I will find the cure...

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