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Official Events Thread


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Official Events Thread


800 posts woo!


Alright guise, autumn is approaching and I get more and more messages on people wanting to play Ultra Hardcore and other games together. Let’s clarify things for now.


- We will not play any games until the first week of September.

- Games and activities will have more likeliness to succeed if on the weekends. In other words, more players are available on the weekends, including Friday night, which some people might not be able to attend.

- Planning begins now, so we don’t have the stress of doing everything on the spot.


What we need to make events succeed are three different things:

- Players, obviously. The sign up that Wabuf created seems to be working great. Though when I say players, I mean we also need a method of contacting you, such as skype, otherwise, as some figured out, we can’t let you play if we have no idea where you are.

- Events/games. We will vote on these a week (?) or on the spot (?). This means additional stress to the management setting up these events. Another method is a preplanned schedule and with that week comes certain events. Such as U.H. one week and the next Alpha verus Beta, things like that.

- Servers. If we don’t have a server, we can’t play. Wabuf has lent the server in the past, and probably will do so again, but in the case that he is really busy or something, we need a backup server. I would like if we had a main server that we planned on using and a backup, just in things go bad. This we can decide on a week to week basis, seeing that unexpected incidents can happen.


I’m assuming everyone has Minecraft, so I’ll list the Minecraft events/games we can have and categorizing them.


- ULTRA HARDCORE and modifications

- Pre-built PvP Maps

- Pre-built Adventure maps

- The Chunk Republic Created Games

- Random before/after party games




ULTRA HARDCORE (and modifications)

U.H. Team

- Random Teams

- Constant Teams


U.H. Single

U.H. Objective

+ Objectives

Additional requirements are inserted in the game.


Objectives Based

This is something I was thinking about. Basically, there are added objectives to the main ULTRA HARDCORE to force players to walk around more.


Basically, there are 3 categories: Crafting, Gathering, and PvP requirements to win.

Before each game, one objective from each category is chosen using a dice or a random generator.


For crafting:

- Bookshelf

- Diamond Hoe

- Clock

- Lapis block

- Redstone Repeater

- Essentially rare recipes that are difficult to some degree


For gathering:

- Bucket of water

- Pumpkin

- 3 types of wood

- 3 types of saplings

- 2 different flowers

- 2 different mushrooms

- Cactus

- Basically, (relatively) simple overworld collections tha twill force players to wander the overworld


For PvP:

- Kill one player

- Kill 2 other players

- Kill one player with a bow

- Kill two players with a bow

- Kill one player passively (i.e. pushing off cliff, fire, cactus, suffocation, etc

- Kill two players passively


And to win, you have to complete these objectives and show up at the coordinates x:0, z:0

Of course if you are the last player, you default win, so you can go the route of killing everyone lol.


U.H. Gamemaster

+ Gamemaster


The gamemaster makes things more interesting, such as gifting items and burning forests to drive the game to be more interesting. Think of the Gamemasters in the Hunger Games.


U.H. Hunters

+ Hunters


Certain people are selected as hunters, sent to hunt the rest of the players. They start off a huge bonus, full equipped. This can be applied to all the U.H. versions.


Hunters will start out with the following:

- Full iron armor

- 1 iron sword

- 1 iron pickaxe

- 2 Golden apples

- 8 pieces of paper

- 1 bow

- 32 arrows

- 1 clock

- 1 tamed wolf

- 1 tamed cat

- 5 steaks

- 1 bucket

- 1 TNT

- 32 redstone




Pre-built PvP Maps

Alpha vs. Beta


Noxcrew Gameshow


Survival Games


DOTA Minecraft


The Walls




Pre-built Adventure Maps

Super Hostile Maps

http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/191 ... le-series/



http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/ ... vival-map/


Minecraft Survival Horror



http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/119 ... al-skills/





The Chunk Republic Created Games

The Chunk Republic Game Show

- A collection of random games that we can play. Gansta I do believe is heading the project in a way.



Arms Race [created by Zoa]

Using a Tekkit server, two teams will split up and go in two different ways. Whoever can nuke the enemy base first wins. This will introduce hiding of tunnels and pipe lines as the race to the nuke goes on.


THE SERVER [created by Mythil]

Expected Play Time: Less than an hour (so it's not an entire dedicated day to Minecraft)


Overview: There is a "new server" starting. There are a couple of moderators and players start coming in. But alas, THERE BE GRIEFERS! When the game starts, everyone is given a role (secretly). The roles are GRIEFER, MODERATOR, AND BUILDER. You are not allowed to tell each other what it is, except for the moderators. 3 Minecraft days are given to the players to build a certain structure and a certain monument. The structure could be ranging from a farm with animals to a skyscraper 100 blocks tall. The monument will be made of a lot of rare ores, like gold, diamond, and lapis. An example of a monument is an iron golem except made out of gold. Since the game is on hardcore mode, your death will result in a insta-ban, so be careful!





- Do NOT tell what role you are assigned.

- AFK is allowed, but after 1 full Minecraft day of AFK, you bet banned.

- Since the game is a hardcore world, death is an instant ban.

- The Moderators can call ONE ban and ONE unban at any moment in the entirety of the game. If they ban a griefer, that is good. If they ban a builder, they instantly get banned themselves, while the banned builder returns to the game.

- Upon sunset every day, everyone can decide on ONE person they all mostly agree to ban. This is called the community ban.

- Upon community ban, you cannot come back into the game unless a Moderator uses his unban on you.

- Upon death ban, you cannot come back into the game until the next round.

- Any person who is not banned can join the game, upon the sunrise of the third day aka the guy who suddenly joins for no reason.

- Upon ban, assuming you are in the gigantic skype call, you reveal what your role.

- DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES aka WHEN YOU DIE, YOU CANNOT SAY A DANG THING ABOUT THE GAME. In other words, if Zoa was the one who pushed Lief into the pool of lava, Lief can't say anything about that after he gets the GAME OVER. Before hand its okay, such as "ZOA OMG WTF R U DOING! ZOA JUST PUSHED ME-" [Game over screen] "I was builder. I like cheesepuffs, who is with me in revolting against the government etcetc."

- Griefers gonna grief.





Griefer: The builders do NOT complete the monument / building by the time the 3 Minecraft Days are over.

Builder: The monument and building are complete!

Moderator: The monument and building are complete!


This means the griefers have the potential of winning even if they don't grief at all!





Persons: 5+ needed

Different server [like in U.H.] optional, but would be nice.

A fresh world or a chunks of fresh world.





An initial spawn area where there are open iron doors leading to different obsidian rooms. Each player chooses a room. Inside the doors, there is a switch to lock the iron door, so no one else can go in.


Inside the room there is a sign with the role on it along with a chest that corresponds to the role.

Builder - Iron pickaxe

Griefer - Iron pickaxe and 2 TNT

Moderator - Iron pickaxe and full gold armor [to show that they are Moderator and harder to kill ]


On the end of the room, there is a door leading to the world outside. Once the pressure plate, that activated the door, is activated, a TNT is due to blow the room to bits, to hide what your role is.


After everyone has left their rooms and into the world, a person with permissions will set time to 0 and then the game will end on the dawn of the fourth day, where the person with permissions will stop the server. The server will be restarted so grading can be done.


NOTE: You cannot enter the spawn after you have left it. The monument instructions and building instructions are shown behind a glass case right outside of spawn. You cannot build neat the spawn and glass case.


The spawn is prefabriated and is copy and pasted into the fresh world.




# of players and game ratios:


5 players: 2 griefers, 1 Moderator, 2 builders

6 players: 2 griefers, 1 Moderator, 3 builders

7 players: 2 griefers, 1 Moderator, 4 builders

8 players: 3 griefers, 1 Moderator, 4 builders

9 players: 3 griefers, 1 Moderator, 5 builders

10 players: 4 griefers, 2 Moderator, 4 builders

11 players: 4 griefers, 2 Moderator, 5 builders

12 players: 4 griefers, 2 Moderator, 6 builders



Tip: A message will display "Zoa killed Mythil wielding a iron sword" so chances are you about to insta-ban afterwards lol.


Cops and Robbers [created by Mythil]


A premade bank is created in order to house several EMERALD blocks! There are two teams, cops and the robbers.


Victory Conditions

- The robbers need to successfully steal the emerald blocks and leave the playing zone to win.

- The cops need to successfully detain (ie kill) the robbers.


Starting Gear

- The robbers get diamond pickaxes, TNT, flint and steel, and leather armor only.

- The cops get diamond armor and diamond swords.


The cops will always outnumber the robbers. Since the games will go quick, it can be played multiple times.


Cloak, Dagger, and Political Unrest [created by Mythil]


Estimated Play Time: Less than half an hour

Needed Players: 6+


“Good Guys”

Undercover agents


Museum Security


“Bad Guys”





Overview: The VIP is holding a peace rally in a personal art gallery. He invites a ton of his buddies [testificates]. The VIP individually hired undercover agents, so none of them know who the other is. An assassin is sent from the government to kill the VIP. Art thieves view this as a chance to steal some of the world renowned paintings. The terrorist learns that there the plans for a building where the President of the US of A will be visiting in a few days and wants to steal it.





- Once dead, you cannot return to the playing field.

- Everyone is most likely in a gigantic skype call. Careful to what you say…

- There can be multiple people winning!






VIP: Do not die! If the VIP manages to escape the playing field, he wins, in his own regards!

Museum Security: All paintings recovered, building plans not taken!

Undercover Agents: Protect the VIP!

Robber: Steal the paintings and leave the playing field with the paintings!

Assassin: Kill the VIP before he escapes and leave the playing field yourself!

Terrorist: Steal the building plans and leave the playing field!


It is entirely possible for more than one winner!


There are three different methods of leaving the playing field!

- Mine cart road

- Helicopter

- Sewers


If all the methods of leaving are destroyed, the Victory Conditions change!

VIP: Do not die! Assassin is killed!

Museum Security: All paintings recovered, building plans not taken!

Undercover Agents: Protect the VIP!

Robber: Steal the paintings and kill the museum security!

Assassin: Kill the VIP!

Terrorist: Steal the building plans and kill all pursurers!






Random selection of roles, same as The Server.


The game starts at Sunset, when the testificates enter the building to hear the VIP give a speech!



Starting items:

VIP: Gold Armor

Museum Security: Iron Swords, Iron Armor, Bow with 64 arrows, 3 heal potions

Undercover Agents: Diamond Sword, Bow with 64 arrows, 1 heal potion

Robber: Diamond Pickaxe, 1 TNT with redstone torch, 1 heal potion

Assassin: 3 TNT, 3 Redstone Torches, Enchanted Bow with 64 arrows, Diamond Sword, poison potion, 5 heal potion

Terrorist: 15 TNT, 15 Redstone Torches, Diamond Pickaxe, 10 Zombie eggs, 3 poison potions






I will create at some point, if my computer works…

If you want to help create the field, just tell me.


@gansta: This can be one of the mini-games in the tournaments?





Dedicated server [optional]

Walled in playing field

Fresh world [optional]

Hardcore w/ death ban [optional]

Explosions enabled




# of players and ratio:

6 players: 3 museum security, 3 robbers – OR - 3 undercover agents, 1 VIP, 2 assassins – OR - 1 VIP, 2 undercover agents, 1 museum security, 1 robber, 1 assassin

7 players: 1 VIP, 2 undercover agents, 1 museum security, 1 robber, 2 assassin – OR - 1 VIP, 1 undercover agent, 2 museum security, 2 robber, 1 assassin

8 players: 1 VIP, 2 undercover agents, 2 museum security, 1 (or 2) robber, 2 (or 1) assassin

9 players: 1 VIP, 2 undercover agents, 2 museum security, 2 robbers, 2 assassins

10 players: 1 VIP, 2 undercover agents, 2 museum security, 2 robbers, 2 assassins, 1 terrorist

11 players: 1 VIP, 2 undercover agents, 3 museum security, 2 robbers, 2 assassins, 1 terrorist

12 players: 1 VIP, 2 undercover agents, 3 museum security, 3 robbers, 2 assassins, 1 terrorist




Random before/after party games

Anything OMGPOP


Extreme Grass Growing





I’ll make some polls later. If you guise have any suggestions, please post.

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