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What kind of U.H. would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What kind of U.H. would you prefer?

    • U.H. Team
    • U.H. Single
    • U.H. Objective Team
    • U.H. Objective Single
    • U.H. Gamemaster Team
    • U.H. Gamemaster Single
    • U.H. Hunters Team
    • U.H. Hunters Single

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ULTRA HARDCORE (and modifications)


U.H. Team

- Random Teams

- Constant Teams


U.H. Single


U.H. Objective

+ Objectives

Additional requirements are inserted in the game.


Objectives Based

This is something I was thinking about. Basically, there are added objectives to the main ULTRA HARDCORE to force players to walk around more.


Basically, there are 3 categories: Crafting, Gathering, and PvP requirements to win.

Before each game, one objective from each category is chosen using a dice or a random generator.


For crafting:

- Bookshelf

- Diamond Hoe

- Clock

- Lapis block

- Redstone Repeater

- Essentially rare recipes that are difficult to some degree


For gathering:

- Bucket of water

- Pumpkin

- 3 types of wood

- 3 types of saplings

- 2 different flowers

- 2 different mushrooms

- Cactus

- Basically, (relatively) simple overworld collections tha twill force players to wander the overworld


For PvP:

- Kill one player

- Kill 2 other players

- Kill one player with a bow

- Kill two players with a bow

- Kill one player passively (i.e. pushing off cliff, fire, cactus, suffocation, etc

- Kill two players passively


And to win, you have to complete these objectives and show up at the coordinates x:0, z:0

Of course if you are the last player, you default win, so you can go the route of killing everyone lol.


U.H. Gamemaster

+ Gamemaster


The gamemaster makes things more interesting, such as gifting items and burning forests to drive the game to be more interesting. Think of the Gamemasters in the Hunger Games.


U.H. Hunters

+ Hunters


Certain people are selected as hunters, sent to hunt the rest of the players. They start off a huge bonus, full equipped. This can be applied to all the U.H. versions.


Hunters will start out with the following:

- Full iron armor

- 1 iron sword

- 1 iron pickaxe

- 2 Golden apples

- 8 pieces of paper

- 1 bow

- 32 arrows

- 1 clock

- 1 tamed wolf

- 1 tamed cat

- 5 steaks

- 1 bucket

- 1 TNT

- 32 redstone

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