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Discussion on U.H. Teams


What kind of teams would you guise prefer?  

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  1. 1. What kind of teams would you guise prefer?

    • Set teams and team members!
    • Randomized teams!
    • Set team leaders!
    • Set team leaders who choose their teammates each times around!

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I put a vote on fixed, because for competitive purposes, but randomised will do just fine.

Both have their pros and cons

Fixed will let some players be left out

Random will make teams unbalanced, most likely, or you'd be playing with someone you don't like.


A middle ground would be awesome, so for example, I express that I'd like to play with say DaKrauser, and Jonas, and then the randomising-thing will take that into account.

The reason for those two options by the way, is because I know DaK would be nervous talking to strangers over the internet, and I've never played either.

So perhaps a favor towards first timers so they get to have a "mentor" like person, that they know, if they want one.


Quick suggestion before bed; really quickly written, for reasons of *yawn*


Edits, edits, edits.


Perhaps an option for random team leaders, then them picking players in turn for their teams, kinda like in grade school?

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