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Again, When you were x raying you were finding ores every 5 block, SO let's put a bit of math to the subject. Let's say you had found diamond in bedrock I'd say mine it! Because what you're not understanding the HUUGE difference in between x ray and mining, the time it takes to get bedrock will even muffle your percentage if it's high of finding rare minerals, you will slowly drop it down by regular mining. My percentage Is 2.72 I think? And every time I come across diamonds when strip mining I don't think twice about taking them. Also, not taking coal,iron,redstone, will help you out. Just mine normally there's nothing to it.


You should start a system like, I wont mine any mineral until I've mined 64 blocks of stone. That may muffle your percentage if not lower it


Hope I could help

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Lazy, I'm truly amazed at the fact that you're still attempting to deny using x-ray when you already admitted using it:

2012-08-20 13:39:01 LaZy__Sp00nz27: so i send you the link of the mod i was usin


2012-08-20 13:58:57 LaZy__Sp00nz27: what do you want me to do with my xrayed loot?

Regardless of whether you admit to it or not .. WE KNOW. I have a video of you staring into walls, looking at all the ores, then proceeding to mine STRAIGHT for them. We know that we know that we know you have x-ray. PERIOD.


You should be a little more thankful that I'm not banning you. It was arrogance like this that got FiarBlazarzz banned for exactly the same thing (and it wasn't even me who caught him). You're much better off admitting completely and playing the game without cheats.

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