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The ChunkMart issue.


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As some of the most keen amongst you have most likely noticed, ChunkMart has gone live, and with it, the AdminShop, and its many deals.

In ChunkMart, we see the AdminShop buying cobble, dirt, gravel, emeralds and smoothstone, making this a great influx of money for anyone sitting on a few hundred thousand pieces. (See myself and Jonas)

Now, before anyone starts saying that we shouldn't be allowed to participate in the economy for some arbitrary reason.

I would like to point out that the Exchange rate for LL is broken, not broken in a way of not working, broken in a way of having its math mixed up.

The system as is, makes it possible, to create excess LL from buying 9 LL (Ores) worth 81.09, then crafting it into an LL-block, and selling it to a sign just nearby, also a ChunkMart sign, for 90.00, thus making a profit of 8.91 CRBs per repetition of this, obviously this would grow exponentially until either your inventory, or CRB wallet is full.

Now, with my OBVIOUS hate for this server, it is quite obvious I am only telling everyone this so they can abuse it themselves.


And before anyone starts pointing fingers at me for not understanding my sarcasm, I would say that I obviously (For real this time) am saying this because I only want the servers economy to thrive.

And why do I want that?

Because it feels better to be the richest player around when the money's actually worth a damn.


So, there...

Please. Fix. ChunkMart.


If you are a person about to type a response somewhat similar to: "ZOMG, Y U ABUSE SYSTEM!?"

I will respond with: "Learn to type" AND "Because what a functioning system needs, is critique, and that is just what this is, some badly needed critique. And no, not the bad kind. (Not that there is one)


Phew, apologies for the somewhat lengthy and rambly post, but it is by no means meant as an insult, etc. etc.

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Thanks for the notice, even if in a scummy manner!


I blame Zoa, 100%. He got on--before ChunkMart was even complete, and tore it to shreds saying, "I know these prices are meant to make people lose money... we're not stupid... why aren't they standardized!1??!" (meaning buy/sell for the same price since Lapis is now considered currency). I responded with some common sense which Zoa fumed up about, per usual. So I did it his way and made the prices the same... doesn't work, does it? Here's where I say, "TOLD YA, ZOA!".


I'll change it back to exactly the way I had it before. Where the Buy-Some price is higher then the Sell-Your price. Simple economics. As I explained to Zoa; it's not like 'AdminShop' has anything to gain from it--there's no account attached or associated with AdminShop. Derp.


Thanks again! o 3o


UPDATE: Back to the old method:

| Sell LB      | Buy LB       | Sell LL      | Buy LL       |
| $87.00       | $90.00       | $9.60        | $10.00       |
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I assure you, I wasn't making that post to be scummy, offensive at all, nor did I write it in a scummy/offensive manner.

In my eyes, that is.

To me, that is how I act, these days. Always.

But enough about potentially volatile subjects.


I kinda would say a standardized system would work better, as in:

Buy/Sell for LL = 9.00 CRB (Potentially 10.00 CRB)

Buy/Sell for LB = 81.00 CRB (Potentially 90.00CRB)

Even the system you suggested yourself would work, if you remember.

LL = 5 CRB

LB = 45 CRB

The problem at the time, was just a miscalculation, I presume. LBs were worth more than the 9 LL that was used to create them.


A simple solution that wouldn't include loss (Any loss, or only minimal loss) would be to multiply the price for one LL, to then get the price of one LB.


Regardless am sure it was just a mistake, and you greatly misunderstood my intention.

Try to see it with a bit of humor involved, show some self-awareness about what happened, and have a laugh.

Even though I'm sure it's much harder than pointing fingers and casting blame, it just becomes an incredibly sad solution if we can't all at least have decent communication without having one-another point fingers and shout rumors/facts that this person did, or maybe did not do.

My point with that last bit.

I am tired of feeling like I have to defend myself, and honestly I don't think I should get that feeling in the first place.

But, obviously, it's not just an annoying situation for me, I'm sure you felt that my post was an insult to your system, due to the way I wrote it, but in my eyes, if I take everything seriously, most things just become so sad.

It's an all or nothing rule, for me. Obviously this is something you missed my point with, possibly because of distrust from old arguments, stress, or whatever, I certainly do not believe for a second I know what's going on in your mind.

But, I am just sick, and tired of arguing, and dancing around the subject as to not offend someone.


So, no, I do not hold a grudge on that thing that happened between us, anyone not filled in, see violations section, the one with my name on will do.

I can understand why you don't trust me after that, but really, honestly, I also find it quite distasteful that there is even this tension between us, which shouldn't even have arisen in the first place, if just handled a bit more maturely, on both ends, I am not THAT arrogant and naive. I know I could have handled it better.

And yes, I do regret not having taken the time out of my day to properly explain the situation as it was, at the time.

So if it's an apology you want, then I think this will serve double-duty as one.

Now, I can at least say I did my bit, to sort this out.

If this just ramps up the tension, then I really don't know what you want me to do.

I reserve topless belly-dancing for my girlfriend though, so you can ask anything of me, but that. And also you are not allowed to eat pie off of my chest...

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Hey, I was joking right back using 'scummy'. Nothing bad meant by it. It was a thank-you for pointing out that Zoa's suggestions indeed, did not work. I just had to prove to Zoa via a live demonstration that his system would never work.


And absolutely no hard feelings from the old appeal .. that was ages ago. Right after it was all wrapped up, I forgave all offenses/remarks and put them behind us. If you dislike drama even half as much as I do, you will agree that it was a little stupid dragging on like that; a waste of both parties' time.


I appreciate you coming forward when there's something wrong and making it known. I was thinking about promoting Jonas and yourself a few weeks ago, but at the time there was a quarrel about something or other. The promotion is coming soon though, along with a few extra things I'll be adding to the class (suggestions are welcome).

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Au contraire, mon frere. You said equal in that 9 LL could be sold equaling 1 LB (meaning loss to shop). You failed to explain your point properly and continued to argue for untold hours. When I tried explaining your grammatical error to you, you just wouldn't have it. xP


I've got 18 years of schooling and a bachelor's degree in applied science on you, bro.

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2012-08-22 09:22:15 [INFO] Wabuf[/] logged in with entity id 267871
2012-08-22 10:42:39 [INFO] Wabuf lost connection: disconnect.quitting
2012-08-22 10:42:43 [INFO] <[V] zoathewind> fucking dick

Also, when 10 minutes equals over 1 hour and 20 minutes, let me know. Mister Elementary Math Graduate.

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