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Set Teams or not?  

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  1. 1. Set Teams or not?

    • Set Teams
    • Random Teams
    • Single Player only...alliances are temporary.

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Well i do think Random temas mainly because losing temas might complain about another team being stacked, and if people are saying set teams because they don't know much people all i have to say is :? because the best way to get to know people on the server is to INTERACT WITH PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW so you know more people. Pretty simple if you ask me.

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I would prefer if we set teams, since I find it easier to play with people I know from before, especially since I don't know that many people here. I also feel a little insecure about what I should / shouldn't do and I would probably feel less nervous if I had directions by someone I already know.


I wouldn't mind playing with people I didn't know if I had been here for a while, but since I'm new here and don't know you guys all that well I would like to get into this society with another person I know. That just seems more fun in my mind.

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I didn't phrase myself properly, Lazy, I mean that I play to win, and not really for the fun of competing.

Also on the whole set teams business.

Anything fixed would be stacked, but as far as I know, new people will have an experiences person on their team.

Not, as far as I know, a person they are familiar with.

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The problem with random teams is you have to adapt fast, if the other person doesn't know what he is doing, suddenly, you are carrying the team.


The problem with set teams is that teams will be "stacked" per say, making it difficult for the other players to compete.


I propose we do this: we gauge everyone's ability and then we can have favored randomed teams. Like Jonas would like to be with Lars and company and DaThea would like to be with Lars etc. When the teams are randomized, we take into account your preferences. Of course, if your ability is too high (lol) like Jonas and Lars, you will not be paired together. But someone like DaThea (sorry just an example) who is lower on the scale will be more likely to get paired with Jonas or Lars.


Of course, if someone is extremely favored, aka everyone wants to be paired with Jonas, Jonas will be taken out of the loop and become hunter, since he knows what he is doing.


In simpler terms, we fill out a sheet of preferences, I and the council of awesome look at the preferences, and we make the teams closer to your preferences, but not always lol.


As we said before, if two people are in the same room, they will be teamed up, no matter what to prevent dat massive cheating.

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Based on previous wins and knowledge of the player's performance, I made quality points (next to name) with total quality points per team of three beneath. I just took the list as it was and chopped it into groups, so that's why there's currently an imbalance.

10 - Mythil		  10 - larsmanden94		 7 - kaos740
10 - wabuf			 7 - LaZy__Sp00nz27	  9 - DLCBOB
10 - Jonasgrooss	 7 - NeonGenius			6 - themaxtr
--30				   --24					    --22

 9 - DrankisDank	 9 - Zoathewind
 7 - TheLilMunk	  8 - waar300
 8 - Liefdevolle	 5 - DaKrauser
--24				   --22
If anyone feels like ordering these so that the total quality points are as close to balanced as possible, more power to you. xD There is pretty much no way we could have DaKrauser on a team with anyone she knows due to major imbalance (unless someone can figure out a way with these quality points, or better reason).
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I am sure it's no easy task to make things balanced, I tried for a second, ok? But honestly it would just be a lot easier to randomly pick teams (Entirely randomly, with a few "couples" of first timers playing with a person they know.

As we all know, I am egotistical, and thus the "example" team I would make for myself, would be myself and DaKrauser both being first-timers, being mentored by Jonas. (It's 25 points, that setup by the way, with the number to hit being 24.4 for each team, theoretically anyway)


Perhaps balance it as much as possible, then who-ever remains become hunters.

Everyone knows I don't go well with people I don't trust, and my reason for that is wibbly-wobbly brain-bits, which I really don't have the time to explain now.

But it pretty much makes me a social vegetable, and thus it makes it very hard for me to trust other people, and converse with them accordingly. Now I'm not gonna tell you to cater to my situation, but I wanted to mention it, so I could mention that some people just don't get along together, AT ALL.

Like myself and pretty much anyone on the server, I kid really, but in a more serious tone, putting me in the same group as TheLilMunk would be suicide (For him anyway) and I guess that most people wouldn't actually WANT to be in a group with me in the first place.

Blah blah blah, long story short, put people together with people they don't play well with, you're gonna have a bad time.

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Look, I balanced the teams in a way. It's up to you whether you like it or not, I don't really care anymore. You guys organize and have fun yourselves. I don't even know why I try when half of you guys are complete dicks to everyone and me.


Maturity people.


Well, here are the balanced teams. I put one person with knowledge of the game aka who played before in each team.






















If you don't know how to contact the teams, eff you find out their skypes by yourself. It took me forever with you uncooperative idiots.

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Will be good for me, because TheMaxtr and red4_ are physically together. I could give them commands as a group and then do stuff on my own, as per usual. I believe everyone on the list speaks English decently well enough, because they signed up after all. I'm not so sure how good this forum's localization is for other languages.


Scratch that, red4_'s not even registered on the forum. o _ o


Also, waar300 has unattended the event.

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red4 is playing he just signed up on the forum and his skipe name is (therealred4). my skype name is (max.s.flynn).

we would like random teams but would be ok with being on a team with wabuf.

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The Maxtr is really bad at following instructions lol. hkmoonman is red4_'s friend so maybe we can technically allow that, or just make them disappear in general. They still won't friend me on skype.

what do you mean by I'm bad at following instructions?

i just friended you on skipe.

and you can technically allow what?

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