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X-Rayer / Hacker / Spawner?


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I saw a large 'n' Shape a few days ago when playing on The server near Someones house (forgot the name) and i dug down to see what was there and found an enchanting room about 4 Chests full of bones and arrows, not too unusual as it is a skeleton mob trap. I looked in another chest and found 4 rows and a half of Diamond Pickaxes. He must have xrayed as no-one i know can get that many diamond picks unless its a SUPER DUPER rare drop from skeletons that i don't know about. I am logged out there and when i next get on can show it to you. On a completely unrelated note Someone STOLE MY ENCHANTMENT TABLE, Which i want back.

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For know, when we have the community that we have, it's just not safe.

As soon as we get proper protections, we MIGHT, underscore that to emphasize the probability, MIGHT open it up for the public, but since people think that an unprotected chest is ripe for the taking.

We simply don't dare.

So, please don't take it in too much of a wrong way.

But it really is about the community that we're sporting, which most likely will change, eventually.

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Even though I understand your frustration, I have to vouch for economical safety, rather than friendliness here.

Not because I hate you, but be mindful of the fact that I do hate everyone I meet, but rather because I don't our spawner to be camped day in, day out by any amount of people who all just want their thirty levels, and then maybe take a few potions, and a few pickaxes.

And some people are like that.

Especially after they see how many we have, however, this is NOT ok, and will never be ok.

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