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How about the new shopping district? Are any of you aware of it? Try /warp shops next time you're around. A few of them are rented out and actively selling already. Try /money top too--we're still in the early stages, but this should be a strong economy.


Also, how exactly does iConomy hold people back from trading!? That's an absurd notion; no correlation. Go ahead and trade... Who is to say you couldn't offer someone ten enchanted pickaxes and a cow instead of a $400 mortgage? It's possible.


Actually, I have plans to expand the economy to renting and pay-per-use attractions using plugins like ResidenceSigns and Turnstile. We will begin growing our user-base once we have the shops going strong and employ these new procedures. We still have a lot left over from donations to spend on ads. It all depends on when I'm going to have time to be around, making sure everyone gets properly signed up.

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Also, how exactly does iConomy hold people back from trading!? That's an absurd notion; no correlation. Go ahead and trade... Who is to say you couldn't offer someone ten enchanted pickaxes and a cow instead of a $400 mortgage? It's possible.

I aint saying it's holding people back, im just saying, that theres gonna be less trades. But it's just my opinion. :)

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iConomy just feels redundant, and I don't have access to the /money top command, but if I was to use it, me and Jonas most likely wouldn't be at the top, because we don't utilize the system, because it just doesn't work.

It has the potential to work, but so would a complete iConomy free if the attendance of the moderators were up to scratch, no offense to the guys, you ARE lacking a european time zone guy to handle that, not that I'm saying that you should have a moderator on at all times, that would be absurd.

But at least have a moderator on for something close to 14 hours per week.

Even just having the game in the background and greeting new people, helping anyone out would count, IMO.

Oh, and as to why we don't use iConomy, and I know you're either asking yourself why, or wondering about it.

Is because it is simply too unstable, and if it was to crash, all of our money would be forever lost, why? Because it happened before, even with a million trillion backups.

I'm not saying it WILL crash, but if it does, we would be completely safe, and lose nothing at all if we stashed our stuff in a chest.

But, blah-blah-blah, no point arguing about why iConomy doesn't work, because it's pretty obvious why.

Also, Wabuf, on a tangentially related note, the Rich District is a nice feature, but the house is simply too small to be honestly called a Rich district house, the top floor (bedroom) has the right idea, but the dimensions are messed up if viewed from the outside, it kinda makes me seasick to look at this house being shaped so poorly, seriously, go look at it from the front, and what really annoys me is-...

Oh, right, be objective on stuff. Got it.

The price tag on it just seems absurd considered the crammed insides, compared to 800CRB on one of the larger apartments, which are very roomy, which I will give my massive respect for.

But the price tag in those "Under Renovation" buildings definitely need a checking.

Yes, I know I'm criticizing a project that's still not finished, but if I didn't give him well-meaning ideas and critique, how would he know about it?


On a general basis the price tag seems cheap in the rich district, and too low on some of the apartments.

The 800 apartment seems nice though, gotta give you some applause.

Ranty, ranty, ranty, stuff.

Just some thoughts written down in a hurry, now don't hit me for being truthful.


Oh, and if I had to say so myself, you should put a great ear into what the economy should be based around, and how it would, and will work, from the players who are likely to be using it, and even more so from the players that will be at the top of it.

Because again, any faults in the system will be exploited to death, not just from myself and Jonas, but from anyone ill-meaning.

Because everyone wants the easy money.

Also an easy fix for an easily exploitable economy, would be to remove iConomy, in favor if a player based, player built, and using player communication to build bonds.

Oh gosh, I never shut up...


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iConomy works.


You're out of your gourd to think it doesn't. It has in the past and it's going NOWHERE. Jeez.

Okay, about the time zone thing. After Friday, we'll have 4 Moderators in 4 different time zones--so that's all fixed.


Secondly, iConomy has never and will never crash. We updated maps in the last one and started over, that wasn't a crash. You're backward on the thought: iConomy is more safe than storing valuables as blocks due to the nature of the databases. The iConomy database is a simple .db file (spreadsheet) of all the members and their amounts. That gets saved every six hours and backed up twice a week. Much safer than storing your money in blocks which are tied to the map. The map only gets backed up weekly and we can't track the movement of items.


Laymen's terms:

iConomy > (safer than) Blocks, because:

[*:e6dje2rg]iConomy - backed up 2 x a week, saved every 6 hours (small, clean file)

[*:e6dje2rg]Blocks - only backed up 1 x a week (large, cumbersome file--subject to corruption)Not to point out that your backward on every thought, but you are. xD

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But myself and Jonas' money have been wiped in quite a few instances, previous maps mind.

And we did, ourselves crash iConomy, wiping everyones money at one point.

Yes it was in the past.

And most of the times we lost iConomy good back then, it wasn't restored.

So that kinda shattered our faith in the system.

I know you fixed the bit where we crashed it, mind.

And love about the increase in moderators.


Also, myself and Jonas are as we speak, putting our heads together for what we think is a low end rich district house.

So stay tuned to Creative for that, if you have any interest in that.


Besides the fact that iConomy is somewhat broken (for us, on our server, with our playerbase atm)

It is a great tool, but it also limits the social interactions that we're forced to do, and it limits the social interaction that we will be doing, in the end.


Regardless of opinions on this, and that is what all of this is, opinions.


We (Myself and Jonas) would still love to build an economy based around physical items, and also enforce it.

Ourselves, which would mean that the economy would be privatized, sadly, but hey.

On top of that we would also make a private cities, where people could spend their money.

We would need a little admin support, to get stuff like the vaults for peoples goods sorted.

But, most importantly, we need more people, for any economy to work, so regardless of how the economy will work in the end.

Our main focus, should be recruiting, and keeping existent players here.

And that's WAY higher priority than economy, or any other minor troubles people could have.

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