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Major Forum Rearrangment


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Hello everyone:


The organization of forum topics has been swept under the rug for long enough! I finally took a few minutes to rearrange, prune and merge forums to make a more relevant layout for our current setup.



[*:2jwi6gn2]removed Gargamel forum

[*:2jwi6gn2]removed Skylands forum

[*:2jwi6gn2]renamed Minecraft Worlds to Worlds

[*:2jwi6gn2]created Main forum under Worlds

[*:2jwi6gn2]created Creative forum under Worlds

[*:2jwi6gn2]created The Nether forum under Worlds

[*:2jwi6gn2]merged Projects forum's posts with Worlds > Main forum

[*:2jwi6gn2]removed Projects forum

[*:2jwi6gn2]moved Plugins forum from General Topics to Minecraft

[*:2jwi6gn2]moved Tekkit forum from Minecraft to Game ServersThat may seem like a lot of changes, but it really only affects where people post their projects and events. It is preferred that members post projects and events under Worlds > Main, Creative or The Nether depending on where the event or project may take place.


Please reply if you have comments, suggestions or concerns.

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