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Interesting Stuff for the Week of 09/23/2012


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Awesome stuff here.


I saw SCMowns (YouTuber) do a mod-review on the more biomes. It looks pretty amazing! He said when he tried to get the seed from it, it gave him an error. xD


I think it would be cool to swap out a few biomes in our world for a redwood or extreme-hill-jungle (wait, don't I live in one? lol).

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That would be cool indeed, switching out biomes, just make sure no one lives there lol.


A dynamic world would be very cool, and its something for everyone to do o 3o


Unused parts of the map will be replaced at certain times o 3o




Easy access chest:



New snapshot is super quick?



Lighting Glitches are fixed?

https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/status/2 ... 6479066113

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"Narrow" - Custom Capture the Flag Map



More lighting changes

https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/status/2 ... 9885661184

http://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/statuses/ ... 7608915969


How to make your store awesome in 1.4



Borderlands 2 Minecraft Easter Egg


Remember the days where there wasn't much to do? Brings back memories.




Creeper Falling Mechanism


Mob Spawning Ranges

http://media-mcw.cursecdn.com/4/4a/Mob_ ... ranges.png

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12w39b is out!

https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/status/2 ... 3593957376


Cube Control PvP Map


Dinnerbone pushing lighting fixes back a patch

https://twitter.com/Dinnerbone/status/2 ... 3704069120


Lighting with the new cornerstone blocks



Bonus stuff:

The Dark knight Rises



Rubix Beacon



Why villagers are happy


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