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PLAYERS: Wabuf, NeonGenius, Dempsey14, Mchicklets, Rcj502, Dragonav9


TEAMS: [Wabuf, NeonGenius] [Dempsey14, Mchicklets] [Rcj502, Dragonav9]


WINNING TEAM: Wabuf, NeonGenius


GAME-TYPE: Ultra Hardcore PVP - 2v2v2 - No Objectives


DURATION: 1 hour 14 minutes -- 2:15-3:24 PM (EDT)



TIME           MESSAGE                              MEDIA
0h 53m 03s     Dragonov9 was slain by a Zombie      Mob
1h 08m 18s     Mchicklets hit the ground too hard   Gravity
1h 10m 12s     Dempsey14 was shot by NeonGenius     Bow & Arrow
1h 14m 18s     Rcj502 was shot by NeonGenius        Bow & Arrow
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