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I haven't been on in a while and since i am to lazy to read everything new in the forums i am suggesting maybe a week summary every week on stuff in the forums (general disscussion) that sums up most of the important stuff (NOT ARGUMENTS) that was posted i.e UH results, stuff that would affect the server, etc... If this is going to happen if more people would want it to, i do not know who would post the summary (probably decided later? or admin/mod/veteran?), but hopefully this can be done. I know mythil does the "interesting stuff of week __" but as i said this would be a summary of the important stuff posted on the forums. Please leave a response on what you think about this i wouldnt mind to know.

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Uhm... I spent a while skimming through 2 and a half hours of video--right after the UHC event, to write up an accurate depiction of what happened. To get there:



[*:ip16ivd9]Click EVENTS at the top of this page

[*:ip16ivd9]Click RESULTS by U.H.7Was a list necessary? Yes, because the easiest way for you to get a brief of all weekly activities is to simply pop your head in every now and then and do a little topic-mining. What's it going to take, really? Ten .. twenty minutes a week, if that.


Another way you could get a brief: show up in-game for ten minutes and ask.

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