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Yeah get Beepa Fraps. It's $37.00 on their site or free on ThePirateBay. I went ahead and bought it because I knew I'd be using it somewhat high-profile. It's paid for itself already from YouTube monetization.


Also, you'll want a program called Sizer (freebie). You can configure a preset size for your minecraft window to record in exactly 1280x720 pixels. In Windows 7 using the transparent Aero theme, you'll need to set your 720p setting to: 1296x758 in order to make the video exactly 1280x720.


Personally, I use 24 frames per second on Fraps. Just be sure that you import and export the exact same frames per second when editing. You'll get a nasty ghost-frame effect otherwise.

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Well, Fraps is by far the easiest of all recorders.

Step-by-step, literally:

[*:12uo5wxv]Hit F9 to record

[*:12uo5wxv]Hit F9 to stopBesides the obvious--setting a save destination and sizing your window properly, that is all there is to know about Fraps. Choose a place to put your videos (preferably a large hard drive separate of your operating system drive), right-click your window border and choose your custom '720p' setting on the Sizer menu, and finally hit F9.

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