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Just a warning to members with Zombe or any other method of SMP fly mod: We can see when you did it and the server will kick you by default. If the server detects a player is not on the ground for long enough, it will temporarily kick you with the following reason:

2011-09-20 14:35:39 [WARNING] billy_iz_g0d was kicked for floating too long!
2011-09-20 14:35:39 [WARNING] billy_iz_g0d was kicked for floating too long!
In this particular case, billy_iz_g0d was rapidly detected twice.


The server staff has this ability only so we can prevent griefing, help out on large scale projects and keep an eye on everything. If everyone had the ability, we'd have to man this server with enough staff to monitor around the clock (which just isn't practical for our size of community).


Now in billy_iz_g0d's case, no staff was on at the time to see what he was doing.

So fortunately for him, this is only a warning.

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