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So, as I have been driven from my cave to see that game releases are as slow as a crippled snail, probably because it's afraid it's gonna get stomped by pandas for some odd reason, and because Christmas is safer.

So then I ask:

What have you, the community, been playing, that's actually worth checking out?

Preferably only post about games with more depth than a teaspoon. So that rules Borderlands 2 out...

But onwards though!

Your gaming experience in last few weeks/months.

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My recommendation?


I would say Dishonored. If you like Bioshock or Assassin's Creed, it's like both and awesome.


That being said, the Bioshock Series is pretty good too, love the story:


Bioshock 2


You like FTL? Why not try XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Provided that it isn't as frantic, but a nice strategy game.


Assassin's Creed III is coming out this week:


A bit older, but Red Dead Redemption is also pretty awesome:

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The Uncharted series is quite good:


Uncharted 2


Uncharted 3


The Walking Dead - a point and click game, based on the TV series, based on the comic. The storytelling is pretty good.


Some quick and difficult 2-D games:

Hotline Miami - rather difficult, music is great

The Binding of Isaac

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If we are talking about multiplayer games, Gears of War is a pretty good one.



Portal and Left 4 Dead are pretty good too.


Dead Rising 2 is lulzy mostly, but if you can finish all the objectives, it is hard aka save all suriviors.



Dead Island has a okay story, but still interesting with the co-op:


Also, for story telling L.A. Noire is really good, but single player:


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Wow, thanks, for the suggestions.

It just seems NO games are scratching my gaming itch.

And I was really looking for games to play on my laptop-to-be.

So I KNOW I was gonna pick up Dishonored, and since I always was a fan of Assassins creed, I will also pick that up, but PC-release for me, since I really am trying to distance myself from anything related to the Xbox, and the PS3.

Great responds though!

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I decided to sit down and pick up my old, dusty copy of GTA: San Andreas.

And I remembered why I loved it so much, and also why it just works like total ass on a computer, and furthermore like dogshit on Windows 7, but it's STILL fun.


And yes, League of Legends, in my honest opinion, is a very good game, but I just dislike the gameplay, the community and most aspects of it.

Also, do note that saying that the first 15 hours will be bad, but after that it'll be ok, is KIND of like saying that if you cut off your leg with a dull kitchen knife, it will only hurt for the first bit of time, but after that you won't feel a thing. Even though you'd have done permanent damage to yourself.

Kind of like LoL players have, but to their brains instead, since all of the ones I've talked to have shit for brains and are all 12. (Yay, stereotypes!)

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