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Do You Want there to be a President like position to run for?  

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  1. 1. Do You Want there to be a President like position to run for?

    • Naaww man that's not for me

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I hereby nominate myself for the position of "Supreme Commander" in the city of Townville, and all the land that lays under it's name.

This position will be handling all governing, and political matters in Townville.

I demand your complete cooperation in my elimination of your fascist rulers, or you shall be deemed one of the fascist scum holding back democracy.

I order you to lay down your weapons, as I come in peace.

But, should you choose to fight for the fascists that have attempted to brainwash the community that lies within it.

Fear not, for I am fully prepared for full scale armed combat against any, and all members of the fascist rule.

Fight with us, and be forever saved from the oppression in your city.

Fight against us, and you shall be murdered, your house will be burnt, your cattle raped and your dogs tamed.

You are warned.

Prepare yourself.

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I NeonGenius Nominate meh self to the position of "Crazy Wierdo" in the townville capitol

under the following Facts:

~Unspoken founder behind LaZy__Sp00nz27 and maseface (helped start townville and assist in the first idea of its creation)

~built the first house (other than mase and lazy who, as founders, do not count)

~defended townville with valor when a group of 3 player decked with armor and weapons came to *ahem* "break our knees" in a multiple day seige

~Am better fit than the other canadites (as of the time this is posted)

~Can easily be the overseer of farming as i have the best tree farm ever (right here in townville!)

~Able to oversee redstone as i am the god of redstone and am knowledgable in that department

~Overseer of gathering (able of finding diamonds in perfect unison with another player (see ultra hardcore #7 footage)

~Overseer of hunting as i have some mad skillz with a bow Along with proof from UH #7, i have won the SG many times on such accounts as to a Victory with a bow, and hunting down fleeing opponents and earning my district much wealth


and therefore i implore you to put me in office under the title: "Crazy Wierdo" and all implications



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