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Proposal of how to "fix" the rules of PvP and Protection


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Obviously, the solution is we mafia the game up.


Wabuf = Godfather lol

Coaster = Rival Gang lol


Mods = Henchmen

Veterans = Lesser Henchmen


Regulars = Townspeople




Here how it goes:


The regular town people pay up for protection to a certain group, either Coaster or Wabuf, and as a result, their pluses are either pink or blue respectively, like [+] [+] while unprotected are normal [+]. Or their name overhead is in that color, so it's easy to tell who is in what gang.


These regulars pay regular money to have their land protected, in other words, if they don't pay up, the mafia can either don't protect them anymore OR send someone to break their knees coughLARScough. That way, we will have people constantly playing/paying so they don't lose their stuff or have their house ransaked.


The veterans automatically get protection from which ever side they choose, without payment. Gotta have some benefits eh?


Mods and Admins obviously get protection lol. Admins need to build a base where they hang out and where people can go to ask for protection and continuously pay. They have to put up a sign to ask for it along with a chest with payment.




Now for PvP. Well, time for gang wars LOL. Neutral ground is in the spawn and shops, and if anyone is caught fighting there someone is going to break their knees coughLARScough

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Greatest idea ever. Of all time. In the world. That is round.

Might want to set some ground rules for Mystevil. Seriously Lief will be so pissed off he'll break everyone's knees and feed them to his forge. I highly suggest you don't go near Mystevil. Just sayin'!

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Make Mystveil a sanctuary with WorldGuard, and set PvP flags to off.

And make that the ONLY sanctuary.

With the price of protections raised, you shouldn't be able to set use flags either, because then you can't go through doors, if they're protected. But that might be a little much for people to swallow just yet.

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Exactly, the actual mafia scenario. You either pay up, or get effed up.


We also need declaration of zones of who ones what based on who is being paid. Like if you are in Coaster's territory, but pay Wabuf for protection, you are going to get effed up.


The other way to get out of it is either hidden bases or leaving town.


I don't know if we can do this or not, but if we gave all the zombies spawn with diamond armor, they can be cops LOL.

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Well, we should post a vote. Once we start the Mafia it will change the server no doubt. We should get an ingame vote if we want to do this or not. OR It would be really really really interesting if we booted up a new map. /wwarp mafia. NO CREATIVE MODE for mods or admins. The admins should have some sort of starter kit and world guard fire spread should be turned off. dun dun dun! Wabuf says we could only have 3 worlds. So let's be honest who the hell uses the nether world? see what I did there? "hell" haha! No but seriously if you use the nether world other than getting blaze rods and magma cubes tell me.

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I was thinking, instead of Mods under Admins, maybe we can do all Mods and Admins are by themselves. Then, the Admins don't need to manage the regions as much. Basically, it the Mods and Admins have to look after their own territory and their prices for protection.


Say Gansta's land price is a diamond a week, while Lief's is a diamond a month. Who are you going to pay up? Lief, of course, unless you are deep in Wabuf's territory, which it would be a bad idea.


I'm thinking everyone gets a starting point, like Lief's is Mystveil, Jonas' is Gertrude, etc, that cannot every be taken over. Basically, home base.


From there, they can expand outwards. How do we do this? Make large chunks of regions, so whenever someone enters:

*You are now entering Wabuf's territory* or something like that.




Of course, how do we get regions? Since it's not easy to manage, you have to issue a challenge for that territory.


The challenge is set at the time where the attacker and the defender can agree on. Basically, no Jonas hostile takeover type deals.


At the time of attack, all of attackers and defenders recruits that are on bring their own stuff (nothing spawned, except for the leader's weapons) to the fight. The fight takes place on the contested grounds. The fight continues until the leader is dead.


An example of this would be Gansta attacks Jonas' territory, Jonas brings Lars and co, while Gansta brings most of townville. At least, until they realize that Jonas has better offers, so they refuse to fight and defect to Jonas' side.


An unepic fight ensues as Gansta accidentally falls off a building and dies. In that case, Gansta doesn't get the territory. If Gansta did an xXx_MLG_360_NO_SCOPE_HEADSHOT_xXx and kills Jonas, he would get the territory.


A region can only be claimed once per week. Essentially, no gigantic counterattacks every two hours.


This gives motivation for Mods and Admins to be on more and connect with their fellow players and make sure their well equipped.

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It's because I watch too many movies and games lol.


If we use the current map, we can see everyone's starting locations.


Red is starting location, purple is important (?) landmarks.


As for regions, maybe each chunk is a region like 64x64 region.

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One more thing i forgot to add and it invovles the starting regions a bit. First of all how would the pvp arena be a region, shouldn't it be a place for the mafia to hold tournaments against each other (or just for the mafia that controls it) and what if a player has a good amount of land and wants to start a new mafia and people want to follow that person or two people with a good amount of land team up and same idea as before would that be allowed?

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If you form your own faction, you should be ready to fight against the other factions, as people paying to you, means less people paying to them.




A good way to punish players for dying is to let them take a hit to the money, no not CRBs until they get fixed.

But perhaps a diamond.

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That's the point. If someone does jump you, you can complain to the head, for example Gansta.

From there, Gansta can either:

A. Get Revenge

B. Negotiate for the stuff/punishment

C. Break into the guys house and just take it

D. Send a hit for the guy

E. Do nothing


Obviously, his choice affects you, so if he does nothing, more likely than not, you will defect to another group. Essentially, if Gansta wants to have a good posse going, he has to be good to you. If not, well, there's another group that's better.


Additionally, if someone wants you to ./tp to him, just be careful it doesn't end up like Luca Brasi in the Godfather.


As for the PvP thing, if the mob wants it, the mob gets it. What's the point of a tournament when you can kill the other guy right now?




Honestly, I don't think there should be a punishment for dying. Also, if you allied with another group and are in another groups area, you should watch your back.


We need a mod for boosts in status while you are in your own territory, that is what we need.




Also, we can convert one of the buildings close to spawn as a negotiation area along with a place where we can set up some bounty hunting type deals.

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HAHA I built the shop near spawn. The on you were talking about. I'll gladly give it to you guys for negotiations. Aslo a quick note. I moved my base of operations from the pagoda I built, to the Alamo I built nearby.


MY GOD My name actually suits something! DUN DUN DUN

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What do you think is better, the Godfather era, or current era?




The Godfather era, in other words, Prohibition era and after WWII. Late 1920s-1960ish.


Just for the feel:

The Untouchables - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJfBhf_1Flg

The Godfather -




Current Era, in other words, the Japanese, Chinese, and Russian mafia

Yakuza example: Outrage -

Indonesian example: The Raid - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWlmhMSnVdM

Chinese Triad example: Triad Election -

Russian example: Eastern Promises - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9703ZTAKeo



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