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Possible event?


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Ive seen a gamemode on a server before called "treasure hunt" an area would be filled with sandstone blocks (or any mineable block) and could bring their own pick or purchase one and they would dig searching for chests some contained good loot, some were booby trapped and others were full of crap. also every once in a while there would be small lava pools that you could dig into, you could risk staying and losing your loot or climb to the surface and enjoy your newly found goods it was quite fun. Just putting this idea out there. Jonas this game seems like a lot of fun as well, well done. :arrow:

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I'll likely be generating a new creative map. One that's actually flat forever. But they're hard to find where it's a custom seed with [1x grass, 3x dirt, 59x stone, 1x bedrock] that never ends.


I'll also likely be bringing back VoxelSniper and begin training snipers! ;D

For that I just need to figure out how to make it only usable in creative.


(in other words, you'll have plenty to do .. haha)

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