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1.4.4 is out!


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Also arrows now stick into players:



New CD "wait"



Squid now suffocate on land? No more flying squids!


Pink sheep now more obvious.



Fix list:

Fixed graphical glitches with fence gates, cacti in flower pots, eyes of ender in end portal blocks, ender dragon eggs, anvils, fences and torches

Fixed items dropped into transparent blocks being unable to be picked up

Fixed an exploit allowing books and quills being enchantable in any way you want

Fixed being able to glitch through the ceiling using sand/gravel

Fixed skeletons holding swords shooting arrows instead of attacking players

Fixed the anvil's hitbox being wrong

Fixed doors, pistons and beds still dropping as a resource in Creative mode when destroying their second block

Fixed falling into blocks or out of the world in unloaded chunks by making the client fall slower in unloaded chunks

Fixed placing a slab on another to make a full block playing the wrong sound

Fixed slimes' hitbox sometimes being wrong

Fixed items in item frames not accounting for their NBT data when rendering

Fixed music discs losing their NBT data when ejected from jukeboxes

Fixed single pieces of dye used to change a dog's collar becoming a ghost item

Fixed the /spawnpoint command not working correcty when standing in tripwire or pressure plates

Fixed the Wither being spawnable on Peaceful difficulty

Fixed switching from Creative while flying applying fall damage assuming the player fell from the highest point he had flown up to before instead of from where he switched to Creative

Fixed the dragon egg not having particles when hit

Fixed potatoes and carrots requiring the soil they grow on to be tilled

Fixed anvils not maintaining their orientation and damage while falling

Fixed text in demo mode being misplaced when using a 4:3 aspect ratio

Fixed stackable items with the same NBT tag not stacking

Fixed mobs being able to pick up items after dying

Fixed items at the top-left corner of containers being unable to be duplicated

Fixed stronghold placement causing the game to freeze when generating a world under certain conditions

Fixed invalid difficulty values causing the server to crash when a player logs in

Fixed edited mob spawners with the same values for minimum and maximum spawn delay crashing the server

Fixed a crash issue with the Creative inventory

Fixed mobs that entered the Nether being transferred back immediately when a player enters the Nether

Fixed fall damage being calculated wrongly after having logged out mid-fall

Fixed Minecart sounds not stopping when the cart stops against a wall

Fixed blocking with swords and blocks worn as headgear being displayed in wrong orientations on invisible players

Fixed block breaking sometimes generating duplicate sounds & effects

Fixed "Your game mode has been changed" showing when using /gamemode to change somebody to the gamemode they are in

Fixed placing a lever on the ground next to an open door closing the door and destroying the lever

Fixed breaking a block next to an open, unpowered trapdoor closing it

Fixed entities not showing immediately after joining a world

Fixed lightning strikes creating client-side fires

Fixed entities being teleported through Nether portals creating lag

Fixed player heads losing their head attribute when broken

Fixed the escape key not taking players back to main menu when on the Multiplayer screen

Fixed item frames in item frames only dropping one item frame when destroyed

Fixed copying renamed maps destroying their name

Fixed items with a glowing effect showing their square glow background on the beacon GUI

Fixed emerald blocks and emerald ores requiring different minimum pickaxe tiers

Fixed using /tp to teleport one player to another player in a different dimension teleporting that player to the same coordinates in his dimension

Fixed the score displayed on the death screen always being 0

Fixed books not displaying empty lines with newlines

Fixed minecarts flickering when looking out of them at certain angles

Fixed vines, fern, grass & lily pads not being colored on player models

Fixed skeletons walking around with their bow drawn internally until they shoot their first arrow

Fixed dropped items stopping minecarts

Fixed chests and ender chests having the wrong hitbox/collisionbox/boundingbox

Fixed squid being able to spawn in very small containments of water

Fixed structures being generated in wrong biomes

Fixed sprinting over blocks producing their default/uncolored texture's particles

Fixed ladder hitboxes glitching out

Fixed chests sometimes displaying their wrong open state in SMP

Fixed the top side of TNT not triggering it when shot by flaming arrows

Fixed detailed item descriptions not displaying renamed item's names in italic

Fixed TNT triggered by other TNT sometimes also dropping as a resource

Fixed bats being able to push other mobs and players around

Fixed bats' noises being painful to the ear due to their frequency

Fixed the Weakness status effect preventing players from destroying paintings and item frames

Fixed Ender Pearls forgetting who threw them when unloaded

Fixed trampled farmland not uprooting potatoes and carrots

Fixed the Wither being able to destroy end portals

Fixed mushrooms spawning on top of the Nether

Fixed being unable to place trapdoors on normal, single slabs

Fixed block textures being mirrored on player models

Fixed cobwebs slowing down flying players in Creative mode

Fixed falling blocks appearing on fire when falling through lava

Fixed burning mobs not appearing on fire while riding minecarts

Fixed sound lag by making some sounds triggered client-side

Fixed mobs becoming invisible when the minecart they were in is broken

Fixed sprinting off 1 or 2 blocks high ledges sometimes causing damage

Fixed signs sometimes being displayed blank

Fixed tree's leaves breaking half slabs when grown

Fixed mobs trying to jump over Nether Brick Fences

Fixed fall damaged being inconsistent when landing in 1 block deep water

Fixed potion effect's timers being wrong when the server runs slower than it should

Fixed snow golems not being affected by rain when standing on pressure plates on fences

Fixed fall damage being applied randomly and delayed when falling in minecarts

Fixed some missing pitch rotations in OpenAL implementation

Fixed the beacon's effects still being very intrusive when the player is under the beacon

Fixed placing a bed at the same time as throwing it away still placing one half of it

Fixed placing a bed while spinning around placing multiple bed pieces

Fixed cobblestone walls' collisionboxes being those of fences

Fixed block breaking animations being glitchy in adventure mode

Fixed glass and glass panes not being able to be broken in adventure move

Fixed the client crashing when the connection is lost while editing signs

Fixed the tab key not working on OS X

Fixed chicken head movement being inverted vertically

Fixed most Linux users not being able to open LAN worlds

Fixed the seed command not working on the server's command line

Fixed squids flying

Fixed a crash related to beacons or signs when connecting to servers

Fixed animals not dropping their meat cooked when killed by hitting them with a sword with Fire Aspect enchant

Fixed water currents being too strong

Fixed being unable to fall into the void under certain circumstances

Fixed a crash caused by placing a minecart on powered rail

Fixed loading deleted worlds crashing the game

Fixed cobblestone walls' collision box being too low

Fixed a crash with rendering item entities

Fixed torch placement behaving weirdly

Fixed entities not being displayed when loading a world/respawning

Fixed iron golems causing crashes

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