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recipes for cooking chicken


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So tomorrow night i am cooking dinner for the family and i have been challenged to make an amazing dinner using only chicken noodles and broccoli and naturally i turn to my friends on the chunk republic for advice. I'm going shopping tomorrow at 2:30 after school so i will stop taking recipes after that time so be quick!

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...Chicken noodles and broccoli.


Well, you could make chicken noodle soup with a side of broccoli?


The side of broccoli is first pealed and washed before put into a microwavable safe container and microwaved for a couple of minutes until fully cooked. Then you can add salt and pepper to flavor it.


If you do need more recipes:

http://allrecipes.com/recipes/side-dish ... i/top.aspx


http://allrecipes.com/recipes/soups-ste ... odle-soup/


Iunno, I mostly eat Chinese food lol.

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