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Mushroom Island Auction!


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So before the sudden departing of Moneyboy I had placed an auction to get your very own mushroom island. I gave tons of people tours and they all enjoyed it very much. Tempers were flying so I gave everyone around 2 weeks to collect money and place bids. However things became sour because I could not get in contact with the buyers


So, I come to the forums to host an official auction with rules and details of the auction. if you would like to get a view of the island simply type /warp mushforsale.


Note: You cannot enter the island as it is protected. don't bother writing down the coords. It will just aggravate people.




-You cannot bid twice in a row.

-You cannot claim you have won if you haven't

-Follow the main rules

-Follow the bidding format

-Read the details/rules over again. I don't want people to ask me things that are in this post....

-If you choose to change ownership of the island (sell) YOU HAVE TO run it through me.

-You cannot enter once you miss the sign up time




-You entirely own the island.

-Sign ups begin 24th (November: Saturday) and end the 30th (November: Friday)

-Remember /warp mushforsale

-Official auction time will be released near or on the 30th


How To sign up:

Reply to this forum and say.



I would like to sign up.

I accept the rules.


Note: PLEASE follow the format. Also your post will be then deleted by me. Don't worry I will write it down.


Have Fun!

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