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I was thinking about making a series of movies in minecraft which are called "chronicles of minecraftia" which involves 3 civilians who know nothing of they're past find a secret library in an abandoned stronghold that they found in a cave deep under they're hometown. When they read the books they're past returns to them. They fought many wars and saved millions of lives. They were heroes protecting they're city from griefers and mobs. But nothing could prepare them for what was coming. When they returned home they're city was in flames, civilians trying to escape, monsters everywhere. They set out on a journey later learning who was the cause of the attack. An old pvper killed infront of his family one stormy night. One feared by all. A man with pure white blank eyes.


That's a sneak peek of the story. I'm pretty sure you know who the villan is.

I need people to play in the series including 4 main actors 3 for the heroes and 1 for herobrine.

I'm currently working on the script.

Tell me if your in ;)

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This is the so far script for the movie that I have been working on:


Narrator (me)

In the world of minecraftia, many people live in kingdoms or small towns. Places like this are always attacked by griefers, pvpers, or robbers. The world was at peace atleast until "He" came. He made an army of hundreds of thousands of monsters. The world fell to ruins. Kingdoms were destroyed, towns burned, thousands of minecraftians killed. Our story however begins only a day before this madness. Three best friends in a small town by the countryside. Where The War Begins!


Scene 1: In the town of ores:


Ryan:"Hey Josh wanna go mining? We could use some more armor mines just about worn out and yours looks like it is too."

Josh:"Sure just let me grab a few things."

*Josh walks upstairs to his room*

*scene cuts to Nick entering the house*

Nick:"Hey Ryan! Wheres Josh?"

Ryan:"Hey Nick it's about time you got here bro! Josh is in his room getting some things. We're about to go mining you wanna come?"

Nick:"Sure ready when you guys are!"

*Josh enters room*

Josh:"Hey Nick!"

Nick:"Hey Josh! You guys ready to mine?"

Josh:"Yea I just had to go get my bow, arrows, torches, pick, and sword"

Ryan:"I've been ready for a while!"

Nick:"Ok then lets go"

*Josh, Ryan, and Nick walk down to the town cave system*


Scene 2 Deep in the caves:


Ryan:"Guys come over here I think I found a ravine!"

*Josh and Nick run over to Ryan*

*Nick drops a torch down the pit*

Nick:"Yep definitely a ravine I will work on a stairway down Ryan you watch my six"

Josh:"I will go get some water incase there is lava"

Ryan:"Ok Nick start building that staircase"

*Ryan kills a incoming skeleton*


Scene 3: A town in ruins


*Josh walks out of the cave and is startled by what he sees*

Josh:"OH CRAP"

*Josh runs back down into the cave to tell ryan and nick the news*




This isnt all i have but I ran outa time I will finish typing the rest as soon as I can :D

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Yes you can always help out with or without a role and if you want u can be one of the 3 main characters. And gansta you can edit but I'm the recorder. However since the map is gonna have to be huge if my computer can't handle it then yes you can also record. ;)

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No texture pack, (exept maybe faithful...) and i am all in, ill be happy to be one of the main actors, (my irl name is josh so i guess it works that i could play myself...)

and rcj i will assume this will go up on TFPG, and i would post it on my channel as well if you like,

so i Would love to do some vioce acting, and i could help with building as well, (help with construction/or be cheif terraformer ;) )


anyway, i am already pumped about this and would love to be apart



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Lol it will be hours of recording a lot of space but I will see what i can do with movie and extras wise so far characters:

Josh: Neon (aka josh)

Lazy can pick any up to him if he wants to play a small or big part.

Gansta edits and can play a character if he would like.

Crimson I belive he said herobrine

Everyone involved is building the set :)

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