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Bringin Back UH


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With all the end of the year stuffs going on, from holiday festivities, to midterms, to Digging ur self out of the snow, there is a lot going on around this time of year. and that means an uber lack of UHS. which is fine, however, whilst writing this, i have forgotton where i was going with it, so ill just get to the point. people are busy for a while. but i move we have a few weeks of UHS come the new year.

all in favor, respond "Baked Glue" all against, repsond "Baked Glue"

thx for ur time,


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I might start compiling a much simpler way to program, organize and impliment the UHC configurations. I just need to find a good UHC plugin that has a good balance of features and compatibility. In the past, our UHC plugins have failed us in many ways--from world-border holes and scatter failure, to random suffocation and troubles with false start.


Since I'm graduating mid-December, there will be a lot going on. I'll be headed back to work (for good) among many other changes. So I'll do my best to organize a system that's impervious to human incompetence and really easy to reset and have another quick match. ;D

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