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(Closed) WestsideGeckos *Banned


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[INFO] WestsideGeckos[/] logged in at ([world] 42.5, 179.6, 262.5)
[INFO] <[-] WestsideGeckos> fjnd
[INFO] <[-] WestsideGeckos> jjf
[INFO] WestsideGeckos issued server command: /god
[INFO] <[-] WestsideGeckos> fuck everyone
[INFO] WestsideGeckos issued server command: /money
[INFO] WestsideGeckos banned.
[INFO] *Console* banned 'westsidegeckos': Suspicious queries. Appeal ban at thechunkrepublic.com
Hahahaha .. ahahahaha .. aha .. ha .. ha! Dummy. BTW, if you ever find jjf let me know, kay?


WestsideGeckos has 48 hours to register and appeal the ban until permanent.

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