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Now i have a idea that i think will be good. We make a big christmas tree somewhere and have chest's labled with names on them and we can give each other gifts. The extent of the gift is your choice, if you just want to give them some iron or if you want to give them some emeralds, that is all up to you. And you do not have to give everybody a gift just people you want to give one to. Do not worry the gifts will be anonymus so if you got somebody a gift but not someone else they do not know unless told so. (The gifts will be in survial)


Hopefully this can spread some christmas cheer hopefully this will happen, if not oh well.

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Ah, I remember doing this one year on this exact server. Probably 2 years ago. Anyhow Wabuf may have the schematic for that awesome tree I don't know who built xD Haha I think I remember asking for a sapling of each color. Don't ask me why.

Anyhow I got my saplings (LOL why did I want saplings?) and it was SWEEET!


You guys remember that?

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